Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Too Old To Care?

Okay, I am really wanting to read all the new stuff my friends have been posting, but if I do that before writing, I may look up & see that too many hours have dissappeared & then I will have ruined my NaBloPoMo challenge of writing every single day for a month! So here's what's on my mind.....

The other day I was struggling with the fun job of eyebrow plucking. For a glasses wearer it is pretty tricky. Can't see the tiny hairs clearly without the specs on, but when they are on, they are in the way! I suddenly recalled a momment in a drugstore with my little sister when we were about 8 & 10 years old. We were looking at some crazy magnified glasses that had the ability to fold down one eye lense at a time. I remember laughing at them & telling my sister that by the time we got so old that we could not see clearly, we would not really be caring about our looks anymore!

Well, that day has arrived & I still care hugely about how I look. I'm still wanting to look put together & at least as nearly fashionable as I can. I often wonder if I care too much. A lot of energy & thought goes into my hair, weight, shoes, clothes & make-up. I don't feel guilty about it, but just try to keep it balanced you know?

I work with young people every day. Gorgeous, skinny, creative young things who look amazing even when they are late for school & still have pillow creases on their faces! Did that sound jealous? I'm not....but I now understand that old saying I used to hear, about how "youth is wasted on the young!". Ha! Maybe part of their beauty is their lack of awareness of it!

I have momments of feeling beautiful. But more often, my morning getting-ready routine ends with me looking in the mirror & saying "Oh well, that'll have to do!".
Of course if my glasses are still sitting on the dresser, the mirror is my best friend! Wonder where I can find some of those crazy glasses.


  1. this is cute... of course not! i believe that no matter how old we get (including me) someday, we should never neglect our looks =D at least I make sure I look pretty in my husband's eyes...hihi

    thanks for droppin' by my blog...hope to see you in my future posts.

    tnx again =D

  2. I find in my daily life I keep saying "that will have to do." More often than I should. Ugh!!

    Have a good day!

  3. I don't know where you can find them but I have seen them and need to get myself a pair for the same reason.

    I have a super magnified mirror that I use now but I've kind of resigned myself to waxing.

    Let us all know if you find those beauties!


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