Saturday, November 15, 2008

Favorite Part of Christmas!

I know it is only mid November & we haven't even enjoyed our huge Thanksgiving meals yet but I can't resist showing you one of my favorite things that happen in December. Kids Christmas programs! They always get me. The above pic is over 20 years ago, my eldest is the shepherd on the end in blue. Cute-ness?!

As a pastors wife for ten years I loved organizing the kids programs even though I knew they were cliche & considered tacky by some. How can you look at these little angels & not smile? (Especially when you knew the REAL personalities of some of them!)
I have a totally funny & adorable photo of son number two with a bunch of fellow shepherds but blogger is not letting me load it at this time so it will have to delight you on another day.
Baby Jesus being held upside down, an angel sucking on her hair, Joseph punching one of the's impossible to ruin a kids Christmas program. It's all good!

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  1. I love Christmas programs too! It's so funny to watch what the children will just never know!! It's rarely called Christmas anything anymore though. It's usually a holiday assembly. And there's so much to squeeze in that it often falls short...


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