Monday, November 10, 2008

Todays Writing Prompt

Oh this is an easy one! Write about your favorite place in your home......
I have written about my favorite spot in my home before so I won't go into lots of detail except to say that it is my comfy, cozy, nest-like blue & white barrel chair.
I write in it, blog in it, talk on the phone, pray & stare out the window in it. When it is cold outside it is the perfect spot by the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee or a lovely glass of wine.

It has not looked really nice for a long time. The arms are frayed & it's a bit saggier than it used to be. (Kind of sounds like I'm describing myself there!)But it stills warms my heart & makes me feel creative & at home.
Thank you "One Minute Writer" for the fun prompt!


  1. I think it looks great, warm and cozy. We all need our perfect writing space. I need a new place to write. My laptop is on my dining room table of all places with a hard wood chair for a seat. I need a cozy place. My problem is my wire is only so long plus the plug of the modem. Ugh! I need to go wireless and I'll be happy! It is a shame because I have a laptop.

    But getting back to your writing space. It looks very inviting. I would get alot accomplished there. I might even nap too. LOL!

  2. it DOES look comfy and relaxing! looking at it wants me to sit and do 1 thing - RELAX! =)

    anyway, i saw your comment in One Minute Writer so I thought you might be interested in sharing your answer to my survey questions in my blog. would really appreciate it if you visit and post a comment:


  3. I love that chair! It looks so cozy. :o)

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