Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kiddie Christmas Program Pt 2

Here is the shot of my rocker son being a sad little shepherd. He is the the pink cheeked one standing on the far left. Want to know why his cheeks are so rosy? Because he has a bad momma! Yep, my little cutey showed positve evidence after the program that he had the flu! So glad I am not telling you a hurling in church story! But I was so busy being the "perfect pastors wife" that I did not pick up on how he was feeling. He never said anything but c'mon, look at that face!!

Remember what I said in the last post about people calling these little presentations tacky? Well, this pic above pretty much fits that don't you think? I had seen a program once that had a little girl dressed as a cow & it just bothered me so much. So instead I had a friend paint our barn animals. I did not want them to have silly cartoon faces but what are you going to do with a cheerful volunteer, ya know? (Which just about sums up why the church has some really goofy stuff around sometimes.)

This is me shepherding the shepherds back in my poodle permed days! Yikes! I did love doing those programs a lot. I kept it totally simple, no complicated story line at all, just people celebrating Jesus' first birthday. Even had the kids gather around a real birthday cake one year!
Anyway, this is getting me in the mood for Christmas. Time to shop, bake & decorate! Every year I say I'll do less & I have cut down quite a bit, but by the time another year rolls around I am ready to jump into it all over again! Do you have some fun traditions you don't want to let go of?


  1. Cute photos! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Hi Brenda, these pix are so cute! It's amazing how quickly the kiddos grow, isn't it? Each stage brings new surprises, both good and bad. Mine are preteen and midteen, and they get so mad when I remember how they were when they were small. But to me, it really wasn't that long ago...does this mean I'm getting old?

    Glad you signed up for the Thomas Nelson book giveaway :-) For a bibliophile it seems like a dream come true...

  3. Hi ...check my blog, I have awarded you!

  4. Brenda,

    I have so many pictures just like these. So many years of my children 'in the play'. I loved those days. I can't wait to go to my granddaughter's first one. (hopefully that will be someday soon).

    Thank you for sharing these sweet pictures. And...I think one of my kids performed sick a time or two also.

    Bless you, Cindy


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