Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here Goes....

Okay, I have my fresh box of Jujy Fruits, a hot cup of coffee, laundry has been put away & the house is warm & cozy while the rain comes down outside my window. I think I am ready to try the NaBloPoMo contest at last! I will try to write a blog every single day for the month of November. Sounds fun & challenging! (Click on title to see.)
I just got home from our Super Walmart & it was totally crazy in there! It is a rainy Saturday in a small town & I guess that is THE place to go! I usually avoid it at all costs on the week end but we had some very urgent needs, TP & coffee! What can I say? Urgent is urgent in some cases. I think our Super walmart is the next best thing to a mall for a place to hang out & meet friends. At least for teens, they were clogging up all the lines & aisles. Pretty sad to realize that the SW is the best place to hang out in town huh?
It is pretty wonderful to be able to buy food, hair goo, hardware, garden stuff,tools, paint,craft supplies, furniture & videos all in the same place though. I don't ever find clothes there that I like, they tend to look like the same things in better stores but when you try them on it just feels cheaper & hangs weirdly on the body.
It is the main place that my hubby & I use our cell phones consistently. We split up to get the things that we need then call each other to meet up somewhere. It's a huge place & I used to get all huffy when I would circle & circle to find him staring at a motorcycle magazine. Now we just call & then I get huffy cause his phone always sends me to voicemail!


  1. Oh good ...I'm doing NaBloPoMo too!
    We don't have a Super WalMart close by (there is one about 30 miles east), but we do have a regular one in the next town. I work for a grocery chain that has prices even lower than WalMart, and I'm in there almost daily so I really have no need for the Super WalMart.
    Good luck with NaBloPoMo!!!

  2. Thanx Coffee Slut! Still feels weird to say "Slut" but something about it feels really good too! Ha!

  3. Glad you are doing NaBloPoMo. It is fun!

    The secret to WalMart in my town is going right at 7am when it opens. Other than that it is a zoo.

    I too hate when my calls go directly to voicemal. It is the drives me insane. I get all huffy too. LOL!


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