Monday, November 3, 2008

Obituary For A Shirt

It happened this morning & I am so sad. Almost feel like I should send out formal death notices to my friends & family. My favorite white shirt is done for. How will I ever replace it with anything so perfect & loyal for so many years?

Today I was getting ready to iron it & you should have heard the cry when I saw the two small holes on both sides of the collar! Not the kind of rips that can be mended, but actual material desintigration from so many wearings & bleachings. It has been my "go to" top since given to me as a hand-me-down in 2001. I know, most of you probably do not wear your clothes that many years, yikes it's almost a decade!!
But this little jem was special.

It is a mens tuxedo shirt. I know it's a mens because the bottons are on the "wrong" side. It is extra long & covers my butt & has saved said portion many times when my pants were too tight or the snap on my jeans would not do it's job until they stretched out a bit. (Wow, getting pretty personal here!)Anyway, this white shirt could be dressed up or casual. It has stff cuffs that required cuff links & a great collar that I used to add a little black velevet ribbon to as a tie. It looks (looked "sniff") cute & sexy with jeans too. I always recieved tons of compliments whenever I wore it!

So very sad. I will miss my faithful friend who could always be counted on to get me out the door when it seemed like nothing would work. I could wear it open with a tank or shirt underneath, or closed & pulled together looking. But maybe it won't have to be "good-bye" after all. Now that it is not wearable in public, I can enjoy it at home & not worry about ruining it. It's looking pretty good on me right now as I write this obituary to my favorite shirt. I guess it still lives on in another life. Does clothing believe in re-incarnation?


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