Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stupid Commercials

Today's' post will be a short one because I will be out tonight & that is when I usually do my writing.

There is a really dopey commercial that I keep seeing lately & it just makes me crazy. I hope I don't get in trouble for saying the product name (let me know if that is a "no-no" ok?)but the commercial shows a busy mom hurrying her family out the door because she has a lot of supposed cleaning to do while they are gone. Then after they all leave she just sprays her Glade air freshener around & then proceeds to relax & enjoy her day alone.

When the fam gets home her husband says something about how great everything smells & what a lot of work she must have done. She responds (and this just sounds so stupid to me) "Yes, aren't you glad?". At that point he sees the air freshener can & says "Don't you mean Glade?" AAHH!

I totally understand using air freshener to make a house smell nice & clean, but to use it INSTEAD of cleaning? Yuck! And how many days is she doing her cleaning this way? Just how many cans is she going through until brilliant hubby figures it out?
And who would say "Aren't you glad?" when complimented on a clean house?

Do you have a commercial that makes you crazy? Tell me about it & if there are a lot of great ones I will list them in a post.


  1. You are the second person who has posted about these Glade commercials this week. I will have to think about it. I KNOW there are some, because I can remember GREAT sarcastic remarks thrown back to the TV--- but as usual I don't remember. :) I'll ask my family. They always help me remember stuff.

  2. Really? Who else posted about them?

  3. RYC: I hope this is the right link:

  4. Not having to watch commercials like the one you described is exactly why I love my DVR!

  5. Yes I have seen that commercial. It is stupid. And did you notice how well dressed she was? When I stayed at home, I would be in PJs. LOL.

    As a blogger, you have freedom of speech. The rules are a little different than writing and publishing a book. You can use brand names etc. After all, this is "your" opinion about something. If Glade has a problem with this, they can ask you to remove the post. At which point, you decide what to do. However, you and I are very small potatoes. They are unlikely to come after us.

    Even if they become aware of this, you have a very valid point. Glade is not a replacement for "cleaning". You could argue that they are using false advertisement.

    Congratulations on your awards! You deserve them!

  6. I have a PVR and rarely even SEE commercials anymore!! I've never seen this commercial, but I know it would drive me nuts.

    I can't stand commercials that have nothing to do with the product.

    You know, beautiful music, snow falling softly, candles everywhere and they're advertising about eggs or something like that! HA!

  7. I was wondering how you found me. :)
    Yes, these commercials drive me crazy! And now there is a commercial for a candle that disguises the fact that evidently she does not like to bake ginger bread--she'd rather just lie about. Maybe they get me so because lying is my biggest pet peeve.
    See...don't get me started. :)


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