Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Praying About The Outcome

My main prayer this voting day is about the outcome. No, I am not praying FOR a certain outcome. I am concerned for what the outcome will bring OUT of us. Specifically believers. I am a believer & I am worried about how other people of faith will react if their choice does not get into office. Unfortunately, my husband & I were deeply dissappointed in the reactions & words spoken when Clinton was voted in. We heard wonderful, loving, devoted christians totally bash him & speak horribly about him once he got into office against their wishes.

I think that once the person is placed in office we need to express prayers of honor & thanks for what God is able to do no matter who is the "king" of the country. We need to be very careful to speak only words of hope & possibility, because it is really difficult to pray FOR someone that we are verbally abusing to our friends.I'm really not a political kind of person. I don't get out on street corners & try to legislate righteousness. I don't think that holding a sign up is going to change someones' vote or values. But I do believe in prayer & in making a difference one person at a time through kindness & truth. That kindness includes how I talk about my leaders. God help us.


  1. You are very right Brenda...we need to come together and pray as a country that our next President will keep our country safe, free, and prosperous. We really are in dire need of repair.

    By the way - YAY!!! Your comments work!! Good job!

  2. Great post--I agree and need to remind myself of this if I get too snarky. :)


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