Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Men

Today will be a bragging post. I am one of those lucky women who is surrounded by men. I am the only female in my immediate family, even the cat is male. My guys are no longer the little boys who left a trail of dirt, action figures, unbelievable sox & video games around. They are wonderful, surprising & creative young men who I love to be around!
Ok, now that I have decided to write about them, my mind is falling all over itself with ideas & stories! But for now I will simply introduce them them to you. The adventure of watching boys change into men is full of so many emotions & tests that I am happy to be where we are, but every once in a while I find myself missing the sweet little toothless grins & kisses. If given a choice to go back & do it again though? Nope!!
So here they are. My eldest is Writer Son, he is a mailman who is busy gathering stories out there every day & he would love to write screen plays for Hollywood.

My youngest is Rocker Son. As you can see his passion is metal music & he is really talented. His band plays regularly in the nearby big city & small towns in our region. He has a tough guy exterior that is covering an easily revealed soft heart.

They are amazing young men who have driven me crazy, kept me up at night, showered me with love, made me laugh & made me cry, but mostly they have made me proud.


  1. How wonderful. I bet your oldest does gather a few ideas out there in his daily work world.

  2. They are both adorable!! My hubby works for the post office too, but he works as a clerk. He works at the distribution center so they are open 24/7. He works weekends - ugh! That is cool that your oldest works for the USPS. It is a good job. Plus the fact that he loves to write. That is my passion.

    Rocker son is adorable! He seems like he is alot of fun! Does he like motorcycles too?

  3. Hi Brenda, I found you from Lydia's blog, and just wanted to say hi. I love this blog challenge! I've been trying to ramp up entries, but one runs out of things to say sometimes :-) I enjoyed your shoes and your blouses for makeover! Pix are funny.

    Oh, and btw your sons are handsome! Hope they're doing well. Don't know about rocker stuff, sadly. Tell your Writer-Son that I just found a really good book for screenwriting by John Truby (Anatomy of a Story). Pair this with Blake Snyder's Save the Cat! and you've got a great Christmas gift that just goes over amazon's $25 limit :-)

    Have a great week.

  4. What handsome sons you have!
    Happy Monday!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments.
    Yes GREY, it's a good job for a writer. Gives him alone time along with small adventures.

    JODI, I am glad that he does not work on Sundays. Since he is a fill-in guy right now that is the only day he can be sure to have off!

    Amy! Yay for coming by! It's nice to meet new faces. Thanx for the book rec., I will tell him or get it for a gift, good idea!

    Thanx C.Slut, they are so differnt looking but both handsome huh?


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