Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Closet Needs Shoe Shurgery

Sheriously! Ok, I'll stop the shilly-ness. Couldn't resist one more, sorry. My closet is full of extremely ordinary, totally functional shoes that lack an important ingredient. Personality! My husband would totally disagree, but then he hates Clinton & Stacey whom I love & often hear in my head when I go shopping. They would not be happy with my closet. Most of the shoes in there were purchased before I got to know them. Here is the evidence.......

These little beauties are very comfy & I have worn them for a few years with jeans & other pants but now I can't bear to put them on because they suddenly look so klunky & old lady-ish. But it is now getting too chilly & wet to wear my beloved flip-flops.

So I have resorted to these. But they are cotton so they really might as well be flip-flops!

I have some boots & some fun tennies.

I also have high heeled sandals & ankle boots. Bet you'll never guess what colors they are. Yep, black & black! I seem to be a bit stuck. I have been a practical woman for many years. I am not very, to use my MIL cute word: "spendy". I figure that what little I have should be spent on something that can be worn with everything. But that is getting to be boring & sad. I do love these even though they are also black. Got them from Old Navy last year.

So, my bloggy friends, I ask you for your help. Any ideas of great shoes with some color & personality for a "careful" shopper? Keep in mind that I am a small town girl who normally shops at stores like Target, Kohls & Old Navy. My poor closet is in dire need of a shome shoe shurgery! Help!
(Wow, this post was hard because my photos only show up in code until I hit publish!)


  1. I'm sorry, you are asking the wrong person here. I own nun sandals. Seriously I do. I've posted them on my blog twice. LOL! I figure they are comfy and I'd rather be comfy. The first pair looks cozy.

  2. "Nun sandals"!! Ha! That sounds scarey!

  3. I can't help you either, when I'm not wearing work shoes (non-slip) I am either wearing slippers, or barefoot!
    Happy Weekend!


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