Sunday, November 30, 2008


Woo-hoo! I DID IT! NaBloPoMo! I posted 30 posts in 30 days! Yay me! It was really interesting to see my mind get changed regarding blogging as the days went by. I found myself intentionally watching & listening for blog material every where I went. Waiting in the car for my hubby to run an errand became a treat because it gave me a few moments of alone quietness to ponder stuff. I started writing little notes to myself when a fun idea hit me.

Blogging gave me an opportunity to share my heart in a brand new arena to brand new people! I saved up stories & questions for future postings. My life is rich with adventures & events & I am anxious to find ways to share my lessons learned & to let you laugh at me in the non-lesson type stories that fill my personal journals.

Reading everyone else's posts has been a wonderful education & entertainment unending. We are a world of varied people with tons of stories, messages & kooky insights that continue to uplift & surprise me. I know that there are no guaranteed prizes in this writing challenge but it has been totally rewarding to me & I'm glad I did it!


    I knew you could do it!
    Now, how about December?

  2. hep hep! hurray!!!

    yes indeed, it is a great learning reading and sharing life with real people with different backgrounds. that's what keeps me blogging too! :o)

  3. Congratulations! It isn't easy doing 30 posts in 30 days, I can imagine, so good for you! I'm new at this so I am just brimming over with stuff to write but I imagine it could be quite the challenge! Look forward to reading more!

  4. That's quite an accomplishment! Congrats! I wrote a bunch of entries this month, maybe averaging one per day, but to do it!! Good job! Lisa

  5. WOO HOO for you. God has used the blogging world to bring me back to life after ministry burn out. I too, see my world in so much more detail now, looking for small wonders in my every day life. It also challenges me in my walk with God---thanks for being part of that for me---I'm enjoying peeking into your world. Hope you have a grand week with Him!

  6. I'm glad you did it...I'm glad all my bloggy friends did it - We did great! I feel like we've all gotten to know each other better too. I am like you and I listen for things and think to myself if things can be blog worthy. Hehehe

    I was up on my reading of blogs too and that is what lead me to Ashley's page last week and that is where I found the inspiration to sponsor that little boy. So much can come from these blogs. They really are a blessing. It all came around full circle because my blog post inspired someone to sponsor a child too. How cool is that??

    I hope you had a great weekend Brenda...have a great Monday.

  7. Congratulations!

    30 posts, 30 days, that's a nice full month. I agree; I like the way blogging compells us to look more carefully and with greater appreciation at life, and then to share our insights with others.

    I look forward to reading more from you!

  8. Congrats! It is a great accomplishment! This is my first (and not the last) visit to your blog. I'm glad to have stumbled across it!


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