Wednesday, March 30, 2011

P For Procrastination

Today is my WRITING WEDNESDAY and I have a ton of writing ideas for both blogs and both of my paid venues. But what have I been doing since arising at 8:47am?? 

I told myself that I would only peruse Facebook while at the kitchen table eating my yogurt and drinking my first coffee of the morning. Of course there were some pretty funny videos on there....have you seen the one where twin babies seem to be talking to each other? So cute!.....And I had to respond to a few FB messages..... Rocker Son needs to know if he ever had chicken pox as a kid.....

I finally made myself click away from FB and then checked my email accounts, then got up to put on some good writing music. That took a few different tries. Have settled for silence as the best way to go.

What have I been doing now for the past 20 minutes? You are not going to believe this but I have sunken to the lowest bar of procrastination. I have been googling my name to see what came up. This is not a good way to begin my weekly day that is dedicated to writing.

All is not lost. This little blog post has limbered up me fingers and I am ready to get serious. Sheesh what a messed up morning! It is now 10:24!! Yikes!

Bye- bye my blog friends,
I am now signing off,
yes, now I am going to sign off the internet,
any minute now,
yep here I go,
Okay this time for reals.....
Oops, need a picture for this post.........
There you go, nice pic of my table, no reason other than
had to pick something and get off of here!!
Really must go now, bye.

UPDATE: it is now 4:30 pm and I have submitted one $10 article and two GoodBlog posts at $20 each! I know that writing is not about the money but I have written for free for many years and getting paid is much more fun! :)


  1. Hi Brenda - It happens to all of us...I hope your sons feeling okay. And I love your table!

  2. Procrastination can be seen as a sound management tool.

    Never do today what you could do tomorrow, especially if there is a chance that someone else will do it tomorrow for you.

    Totally logical. I think.

  3. Thanx Corinne!
    Rob-bear, you always make me laugh, and that advice is simply awful. Ha!

  4. I try to provide good advice. I really am trying. At least, that's precisely what people say of me. ;)

  5. One other thing (now that I'm back).

    P is for "prompt," as in prompt action, which is the opposite of procrastination.

  6. Great post and I can really associate with it. Your header is very nice too...have I really not been over since you changed it? I must go and check through your past posts...darn, time flies, especially when you are procrastinating.

  7. Oh how I have missed you while we've been moving and have not had Internet. :)

    You are making me smile with your distractions and procrastination because I'm diggin myself out of a similar hole these days. I've discovered that writing a schedule for myself helps a lot...I even include the time at which I will do things! And HOW I begin my day affects the whole day. For example, if I begin with a shower, getting dressed, and jumping straight into something productive without ever logging onto any Internet activity, beginning to read something for fun, or turning on the TV, my entire day is so much more productive. Perhaps you could plan to begin writing before even having your coffee and breakfast. For my kids, I've set a rule that no electronics can be used in the mornings. Mornings are for school work, chores, outside play, reading, etc. The afternoon includes more free time and "fun" activities. Maybe you need to give yourself some rules. :P


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