Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He Did What?

Today I am going to continue on my theme of being real, but don't worry, it's not in a "What am I doing here anyway?" kind of  thing. I guess if I had to find a category for today's post it would fall under, "Dumb Stuff Hubs Does". 

I know, you thought he was perfect didn't you? Many of my posts may have inadvertently led you to that picture in your mind. This , this and especially this could definitely have created a picture of a husband so perfect that you wondered if we could set up a trade of some sort.

Well, my dear blog-friends, in the spirit of all honesty and forth-rightness (great word huh?) I am giving you a peek behind the curtain so to speak, and I am even including pictorial proof to go along with full disclosure.

Whenever someone writes or speaks about the little pet peeves that wives have about their husbands they always mention the two main items of frustration.

1 - Leaving sox on the floor.
2 - Leaving the toilet lid/ring up.

Often a close 3rd bug-a-boo is installing the toilet paper going the wrong way.

Hubs has taken this a few steps further, leading me into many grumbly moments in the bathroom which ought to be a place of rest and tranquility, right?

He hates replacing the toilet paper on the TP dispenser. So I used to find the new roll placed on top of the hanger as shown here....

That drove me crazy but not nearly as crazy as the newest version of "I'm not gonna do it..."! You are not going to believe this little trick........He has been reaching into the storage drawer and getting paper from the next roll and then putting the roll right back in the cupboard. All the while leaving the half finished roll on the hanger!!!

How sneaky can you get? I was amazed and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt by not confronting him about it at first. But he told on himself a few weeks ago. 

Believe it or not he felt bad about just placing the roll on top of the dispenser when it was mentioned in a joking way at church one Sunday morning. The speaker was talking about annoying habits that married people have to work through. So Hubs sheepishly apologized to me for it. My response?.....I said,
"Well, at least that was less creepy
and lazy than using a new roll out of the drawer
and replacing it back in the drawer!"

Talk about looking embarrassed! He really felt dumb then. And that is the goal of every wife isn't it? Sunday sermons are known for making people feel guilty, ours is usually not like that at all, but this one time, I was totally happy to see some TRANSFORMATION in my marriage! Ha!

Now, Hubs comes out of the bathroom and wants applause for replacing the toilet paper on the dispenser. OY!


  1. Hubs — putting the roll on top of the hanger. Very inventive! Very creative!

    I don't do that myself, but now that you've given me the idea. . . .

    Great sermon, B.S.

  2. HA! Men prevail... this time.

    That TP thing... I had no idea. Didn't realize there was a right and a wrong way.

  3. I understand your pain! My hubs has a TP problem too, he never puts it back in the dispenser.
    ps. You write so well

  4. I read a very similar blog post about the same thing a few weeks ago. I guess this is a common problem. You know how we solve it in our house? We each have a bathroom and it´s "every man/woman for him/herself". If he doesn´t change the roll, what do I care? :) haha

  5. LOL! My hubby has taken to leaving his pajamas, robe, slippers, running clothes in the living room each day. ?? Why?

  6. Why is it that people think replacing that roll is so hard? Drives me nuts!!


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