Friday, March 11, 2011

Give A Damn Or Two

I am going to cheat a bit this morning and post the same thing on both of my blogs. Enjoy!

Give A Damn Or Two

The people of this world are so rude,
So arrogant and selfish,
Greed philosophy infects their brains,
All they can think about is themselves.

They take and take and take,
Never giving a damn about anyone else.
But I have been raised better than that,
So I will give a damn to all who want one.

I have lots of damns to give,
My closet is full of them at home.
I try to always pile some extra damns in my trunk
‘cause I never know when I might need to give one.

Saw an old woman broken down,
Her car burnt out on the freeway.
I stopped and gave a damn to her and her seven year old grandchild,
Then I waved and drove away.

Saw a homeless man with a sign,
It said, “Please give a damn”,
I checked my pockets for any spare damns,
Turns out I had 4 damns and gave them all to him.

I’m nothing special or heroic.
I’ve just been blessed with a lot of damns.
I give them away at restaurants,
I leave a tip and then I damn it.

I just love to give a damn away
Ever since God gave a damn for me.
People have given a damn to me before,
But there’s nothing like a Goddamn.

So if you think no one gives a damn,
Come and find me.
I am damn lucky
And will gladly give a damn to you.

By Writer Son in whom I am well pleased!
(He wrote this about 6 yrs ago.)


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