Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring At Last in Cali!

Took a very GREEN ride yesterday! 
Our California countryside!

Came upon a horse-drawn wagon!

Why do I love broken fences? I'm sure the property owners don't.

How green was my valley!

Happy California cows!

Green hills surround us.

Love the pinky-purple!

Love the bare trees as much as the fully dressed trees!

Our favorite kind of roads to find!

Like to go high!

Yep, I'll take that house!

Butterfly in her happy place!

So inviting.


Larry the Llama. Should his first name have 2 L's?

Thanx for joining us!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! LOVE those happy CA cows!

  2. Spring, finally. Fortunately you are well ahead of us (meaning we are still under a couple of feet of snow).

    Glad you got out for a ride in the country! Great pictures. Thanks.

  3. Wow. Beautiful country. I love the CA countryside. There's nothing like it.

  4. What a great ride! Thanks for taking us along. The country side is gorgeous!

  5. Looks like so much fun! I love bare trees as much as the fully dressed one's also...

  6. Thanks for posting the beautiful springtime photos. Here in Washington State, we've just about given up on ever seeing the sun again. It was a treat to enjoy a sunny day through your site.


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