Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seinfeld and Sighs

Wedding Parents
I am sitting here on my big brown couch in front of an old Seinfeld re-run laughing at jokes that I have seen a hundred times over the years. It's been a very quiet rainy day at my house. Hubs and I are patting ourselves on the back for a successful family gathering here yesterday.

We had ten people here, a few of them meeting new family members for the first time. It was sweet and full of laughter as family stories were told like  familiar TV reruns. You know what the punchline is but you still crack up just as hard every time.

I am so thankful that my sons new in-laws are people that Hubs and I would have been friends with even if we met them in a different circumstance. How lucky can you get? Last night was the longest stretch of time we've spent with Sassy Bride's parents so far. They live in another state and our only contact has been Facebook and a few quick hugs at the wedding last October.

Last night they sat in my home and had good food, watch wedding pictures on the TV screen and shared funny recollections about their family and little miss Sassy Bride in particular.

Another new addition my parents were meeting for the first time was Rocker Son's girlfriend whom I will call Tattoo Girl for reasons that are obvious. (I adore her and will talk more about her at another time!) She was very entertaining and her chattiness seemed to draw more words and memories out of Rocker Son than we have heard in years! (Let me tell you that the heart begins to pound when you hear your grown kids utter the words, "I remember Mom telling me ......... " You just never know what will come next!)

I love my sons and I am so proud of their choices this last year. It's a wonderful thing to watch your boys turn into men. If I were The Chairman as in the movie, The Adjustment Bureau , I would set it up so that Writer Son found a more serious and better paying job, and Rocker Son would have married Tattoo Girl before moving in with her, but I trust that they will figure the big stuff out as they grow and mature. I trust the men that they are and the amazing men they are becoming.

Time to close down my Mac, the TV and Hub's snoring are becoming too distracting.......until next time,
Parental Blessing
Writer Son & Sassy Bride
Rocker Son & Tattoo Girl


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time...Tattoo girl looks like a cutie..very pretty the tat a cameo?? Looks pretty!

  2. Glad it all turned out so great. Nothing like a good Seinfeld to relax to is there? I always watch. Great pics. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time. And you've told the story so well, as usual, Brenda. Makes me feel like I was a guest for dinner.

    One question: what is Writer Son doing for a career that is not "serious"?

  4. Rob-bear , well he found an easy job as a box mover and gopher at a small publishing company. A friend started that way and is now writing copy for their brochures. He has no higher education and cannot SELL himself to potential employers.

  5. That sounds like such a good family time! It's wonderful when everyone gets along.


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