Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Dog Talked To Me About God.....

FIRST... I want to say thank you very much for going to GoodBlogs and voting my blog post onto their Homepage and thereby earning me an easy $20!! What a fun new site, you should check it out and make some fun bucks for yourself!

SECOND... Recently I spilled my guts to you about the tough time Hubs and I are going through regarding our job situation and the great big empty space we see as the next step. We still have no clue what is next or how we will earn a living. BUT...

My heart is no longer feeling so bruised and alone. Sometimes for a person of faith, it really takes a  very small event to remind them that they are not alone. My "small event" came in the shape of a dog named Sadie.

Sadie is a Blog-Friend of mine who somehow got her paws onto her owner's (But I actually believe that SADIE owns him rather than the other way around!) computer and sent me an encouraging email that was very sweet. THEN a little later Sadie wrote me again saying that as she was going to bed she suddenly had a Celtic prayer come to mind and thought it may help in my situation.

Here is where the "small event" became a big event in my week. I immediately recognized the prayer as Psalm 27:4 even though it was not marked that way in the email, because Psalm 27:4 has been my chosen life verse since 1997! Hello! 

Psalm 27:4

One thing I have asked of the Lord,
this is what I seek;
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life;
to behold the beauty of the Lord
and to seek Him in His temple.

The prayer included this verse and it was a strong reminder of the ONE THING that is important in my life, in this situation and how I will walk through it. My focus has been re calibrated, re-aligned so that I am refusing to allow the negatives around me to determine who I am or what atmosphere I carry around with me. (Is that churchy-talk? Sorry.) Not sure how else to say it other than that I am choosing to look at God and how much He loves me rather than the ugly stuff around me. It does not make the ugly stuff go away, but it truly is amazing how much it shrinks it! Ha! 

"Beholding the beauty of the Lord" means refusing to dwell on the negative and instead reminding myself of all the good things in my life and all the good things I have seen God do for my family in the past. It sounds so silly and simple doesn't it? But it is not easy, it is an intentional fight in my mind, to pull the worry thoughts back into line. 

To top it off I skyped my sister for the first time today and she asked what was going on with us. I didn't tell her much because I wanted the call to be fun and enjoyable not complaining. So she says...

"Well, I felt like I was supposed to
pray for you this week
and all I heard God say to pray about was
your work."

Haha! How do you like that? 

So my friends, you have had a small glimpse into my life and pretty much the way things happen for Hubs and I. I usually reserve my more "God-stuff" posts for my other blog and try to keep this kind of neutral so that anyone can feel comfortable here, but since I blubbered all over you with my doubts, I figured you also deserved to hear the result. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the kind words. 

I love this blog-world a lot!


  1. Glad to find something useful for you, Brenda Susan. Some might call it, "synchronicity." Some might call it, "grace." I just say, "Wow! That was interesting!"

    P.S.: There is a rumour going around that there may be some kind of connection between "DOG" and "GOD." I just say, "That's interesting, too!"

  2. There's all kinds of messages out there. I'm not religious but I am most definitely spiritual. We too are going through a rough time but I'm still waiting to hear something! haha.

  3. Miss Sadie - Synchronicity is a great word!

    BB - Hang on Barb, "Everything turns out all right in the end. If it's not all right, it's not the end."

  4. Isn´t it great how God speaks through others? Glad you got the needed support. And I´m glad you won the $20!

  5. No need to worry about neutrality, your writing is always sincere and everything about this space is comfortable. I don't think you need to separate any part of yourself away from it. I can't speak for anyone but myself but I think the spirit of your slice of cyberspace sends a most positive outlook/message. Love the internet for allowing these little windows into other peoples lives!

  6. Thanx Jane, I love the way you describe my blog here!


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