Friday, March 25, 2011

Laughter and Tears

I carefully leaned across my mother-in-law's sick bed to hug her. I told her that all my friends are jealous of the great and loving MIL I have. She slowly breathes out these words, "Easy,.... six hundred miles away."

If I ever wondered where Hubs got his sarcastic and cynical humor, the answer is right in front of me! My deathbed MIL is spunky and alert. Her main concern is going gracefully. That and making sure that every single little trinket she has in her tiny apartment goes to the right family member. She keeps making us write down who gets what. We got to the point of just writing it down and nodding yes, even if we had no intention of bringing all those teacups back to California with us!

When Hubs teased her about Rocker Son having a tattoo artist girlfriend she shook her head with dismay. So Hubs reminded her that he was married to a lady with a tattoo and her response was, "Of course, look at your ear ring and long hair!"

Today we have said our good-byes and are now back home, 600 miles away. I can hear the gentle tick-tock of the 1921 Regulator pendulum clock she insisted we have. We feel honored to have it and it's lovely chimes in our home. Now our hearts are fragile and alert as we listen for the phone call that will tell us that Mom is really home.


  1. Such a beautiful, heart-breaking post. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Hugs & love,

  2. I´m sorry you couldn´t be there for her "home-going". But I will keep her and you in my thoughts.

  3. That had to be a difficult thing, leaving for the last time. I'm glad she was alert enough to talk and make a joke. She sounds like a wonderful woman. And yes, this journey she's going on will be wonderful! How is hubby doing with it all?

  4. What a beautiful post. So glad y'all got to spend time with her- she sounds like a jewel! So many wonderful memories will fill your hearts to over flowing. Thinking of all of you and sending comforting vibes and hugs... keep us posted.

  5. Gorgeous portrait of a lovely lady and, a family who holds each other close with respect and humor.

    Blessings and hugs


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