Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My Sweet Mac!
For nine months I have spent every spare moment and some stolen moments trolling the Internet for freelance writing jobs that pay. I have learned a lot on that journey and still have oodles more to learn. (For instance, "never use the word 'oodles' in your writing"!) But it has not been wasted time because it has been clarifying what kind of writer I want to be. I still do not have it all figured out but I am getting there bit by bit.

The loss of my job and Hubs job at the same time kicked-started my desire to find a way to gain money from something that comes easily to me....words. I knew and still realize that in May when this temporary low paying job is done, we will both need to get "regular" jobs. (And that freaks us both out a LOT!) Cannot imagine what two ministers are gonna do "out there" without any skills beyond loving God and helping people to see that God loves them back. (You may see us on the news holding cardboard plea's for $$.)

BUT, and it is a BIG but, I am in love with the brand new blog-site called Goodblogs! They just started up in late February and the blurb that I read about them sounded too good to be true. Anyone can submit an original blog post in one of their six categories and if it gets VOTED to the Goodblog Home Page, you make $20.00. Just like that! 

I have submitted three posts since March 7, 2011 and earned $60.00 into my paypal account! So as much as I can put into it, that's how much I will get out of it. To stir things up and bring votes in, I did ask everyone on my two blog-sites and my Facebook page to vote for me, and they/you did. I am hoping that as the other bloggers on the site get to know me and recognize me, they will vote for me as I have been voting for them. 

I only vote for good writing though. My vote is not an easy giveaway and I hope that the votes I get are based on my writing more than friendship or loyalty. I want to thank you all for helping me and encouraging me in this venture. 

It feels like I am getting paid to play because I adore sitting here tapping away on my Mac. (In fairness, I also loved writing on my old non-Apple devices.) Can I really be bringing in a few dollars just by expressing my thoughts to strangers? Yes! And it would be delicious if it eventually led to higher paying jobs in the blog world or any world for that matter. 

In the meantime I am loving what I get to do on the side. Those three posts that brought me $$ were done in spare moments after dinner, between classes or before work. They did not even interfere with my Writing Wednesdays! Who knows how many I could get out there if I really gave it a huge chunk of time? 

So this is my second time to have a job that pays me to do something I love. Not many people can say that can they? I loved teaching in a college bible school for ten years and I love getting paid to let my happy fingers fly over my keyboard.
I am blessed!


  1. I do pray that you could get paid to write. You have a great talent to express yourself!
    ps. I submitted a post at Goodblogs, no votes that I know of. Did not ask for any votes. Oh well :)

  2. Good for you Brenda. Maybe I can look into this for myself as well. Lord knows I could use anything since we have no income coming in at all. Good luck to you both in finding new jobs though. It's tough out there.

  3. Brenda, your positive attitude inspires. Wow! I've bookmarked this post. Have you thought about editing? So many have a manuscript but need a bit of direction. (I'm referring to writers, NOT college/high school kids paying for someone to write their stuff). Good luck to you and your husband. Prayers!

  4. Getting paid for what you like doing is fun, isn't it! I write several blogs, though only one on a regular-ish basis. (Don't use anything- "-ish" either.) And I have material published in a newspaper as well. (I suppose I could do more, but I'm retired.)

    Nice work if you can get it, Brenda Susan. Blessings in the adventure.

  5. What a wonderful opportunity to get paid for what you love! Congratulations!

  6. I'm going to vote for all your articles. Although, I guess you've probably already gotten paid for most of them! I just signed up too, and posted my first article. Vote for "Snot Wars" if you get a chance. :) I don't think I have enough blog readers to get paid, but I hope so! Feel free to plug me if you feel so in-kleined. :P

    Yes. I am most definitely a word-dork.

  7. Haha! Shawna I love you! Word Dorks Unite!! Me too!
    Yes, I do feel so "in-kleined"! Ha! Talk about it on your blogger blogs and give your readers a link, it works!


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