Friday, March 18, 2011

My Secret Life As A Zombie

I recently came across this picture from 1966, yes I am old-ish, at least according to some of you,  but then there are a very few who would consider me young. (That group is shrinking by the day!) 

Anyway.....This is my little sis and me at a cousin-sleep-over. We are the two brunettes in the middle, I am on the left. 

Have you looked at our eyes? We totally look like zombies don't we? You'd think we just got back from a wild night of chasing people and ripping them apart or whatever it is that zombies do. I am refraining from Googling 'zombies' to see what they do. 

But actually my sis looks way more zombie-ish (sorry, I like "ish") than I do. She looks like she wants to eat the photographer for a midnight snack.

Another observation that I made just now as I sit here sipping my hairstyle has pretty much morphed it's way right back to this one. That cannot be good! 

At this time in my life I was ten years old and had a sprinkling of brown freckles across my nose. I would call it adorable now, but I really hated them then. I used to rub lemon juice on my nose to fade them. My mom said they were kisses from angels or the sun.  Wasn't too happy about any kisses taken without my permission.

Not only do I have my ten year old hair-do again, but I am constantly using more and more concealer to cover up my face spots which are most definitely NOT angel kisses!

PS Wow, I just now enlarged the pic and I must apologize to my sis, I look even more like a zombie than she does!


  1. I must be mentally defective, or something. I see no zombies. I do see some tired-looking "young'uns."

    And if I were to try to cover up all the marks on my face, it would probably take a ton of something or other. But then, Bears are not known for their concern about their appearance.

    BTW, if you've not reached the age of 80, you're "young." If you have reached that age, you're "wise." (Aren't words wonderful?)

  2. Brenda, we are close in age. I have lots of pics from 1966 and I wasn't a baby! Isn't it funny the things we remember. I am covered with freckles on my face and some have gotten quite large (liver spots as Grandma called them). My hair is back to being long again as it was back then. Maybe there is something strange about that? But truthfully, I can't complain because my mother is 86 and looks 75 and her mother was 93 and looked about 80. I'm pretty pleased with the genes right now. Great post!!

  3. Oh no! Age spots AREN'T kisses from angels? Dang it! LOL Love the picture- I do enjoy walks down memory lane.

  4. Love these pics of our childhood! I cannot believe these spots are not Angel kisses? Funny


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