Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Am Not Kramer!!

Much to my surprise & a little bit of embarrassment many of you are either shocked, amused or downright puzzled about item #7 of my previous post where I listed 25 random things about myself. I had no idea my habit of drinking my first cup of coffee in the shower was so unusual!
You even compared me to Kramer on the Seinfeld show when he bragged about washing his salad in the shower while he washed himself! Yuck! :) Now you have me thinking this is a pretty weird thing to do. But honestly....I'm not gonna stop drinking my coffee in the shower! It's a lovely, warm & wonderful thing on a cold, cold morning!
For those who could not figure out "how" I do it, let me explain that I have a large bathtub sized shower with a little shelf for the shampoo & soap on the wall opposite the shower head, so that's where my cup sits. (My hubs just saw this & is now very worried about what "other personal " things I may be sharing with you all in cyberland!) Oy!


  1. OMG this made me laugh so hard!! I think it's brilliant that you can multi-task like this! If I tried drinking coffee in my teenie little shower, I'd probably end up drinking shampoo by mistake!! :)

  2. But I compared you to Kramer in a nice way! I love all things Seinfeld related. Nothing wrong with that:)

  3. Debbie, Don't misunderstand, I LOVE the Seinfeld Show too, have them all memorized pretty much, but eew, salad in the shower? uh uh. Ha!

  4. Thank you for the clarification!!! I got very hung up on how you were keeping the water out of the coffee! And I didn't think of Kramer but now I am!! That episode was so funny!


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