Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dinner With Friends

While looking at the post about our fun dinners with friends I realize I could have told you a few more interesting details about those great gatherings. But first I may need to clarify that the "every Sunday" meals that we love are not the gourmet delights. The Sunday meals are just getting together at whatever local restaurant we have chosen that day. Our town has some great Chinese, Italian, Indian & Mexican restaurants. Along with a few good old American ones too!

Anyway, back to the extra special evenings we do together. We have had 3 of them so far over the last few years. One of our group is a collector of fine (expensive) wines & he donated several selections & the chefs customized each course to fit with one of the wines. We had 6 or 7 courses that night! We began the meal at 7pm & ended it at around 1am!! As each offering was presented to us we all"Oh'd & Ah'd" as each fresh plate was set before us! So wonderful & yummy. On the spur of the moment someone suggested we all switch places after each course so we would all be facing a different person as the night went on. So we would pick up our utensils & move to the left or whatever. It was so fun!

For some of you who cannot recall what a dinner without kids is like, I apologize for showing you this glimpse of the beauties of "life after kids". But at least it gives you something wonderful to look forward to rather than dreading the false reports of "empty nest depression". :)


  1. Yes...the promised land of "life after kids." Too bad when I get there I'll be in my 70s or something! The perils of being an "old" mom!

  2. OH GLORY, empty nest is wonderful. Although our girls are only 40 minutes away---so that probably helps. You have a fun group of friends

  3. I love my kids and all they have to offer but I sure do enjoy the times my hubby and I have alone or with special friend. They are a lot more often now that our kids are grown.
    Happy eating!

  4. MMMM... it must be lovely to attend dinner without kids under foot. I can't until I can do that. Until then I have to endure "stop kicking me" & "I'm not touching you" at the dinner table.


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