Friday, January 2, 2009

I am finally getting around to accepting this HONEST SCRAP award from Sheri that I really am proud to own! She honored me with it on December 22 & I wanted to give it some true attention so waited until now to follow through on it. I did not understand it at first but according to Sheri, it means – “leftovers, fragments, discarded material, and many times truth and honesty are discarded material, considered fragments and left over. We tell it like it is and let the scraps fall where they may.The honorees are to: a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to other bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap. "
One of my main goals & reasons for this blog was to have a place to express myself HONESTLY without thought of judgement or self-editing. And this little award has reminded me of that beginning agenda. So 10 honest things about me............

1) I have been "nice" for too many years. I can remain a kind woman without always being perfectly nice to the point of forgetting my own wants & desires.
2) I no longer allow others or myself to "should" on me.
3) When I do my stretching exercises in front of my laptop it looks like I am worshipping it.( Ouch, um, let's not go there right now kay?)
4) I had some major garbage happen to me in my childhood, but that's all I'm going to say about it because my past does not define my future.
5) I love God more than my little words can describe to you.
6) I know for a fact that God smiles way more than most people can imagine.
7) I do not want my blog to get stuck in the "Christian" category. I am one & I love them, but I want to learn to see the bigger, broader more open picture of our world & the amazing variety of people in it. I used to be afraid of unbelievers, now I am often more afraid of "christians".
8) I really, really care how many "followers" I have! Ha!
9) I have still told no one in my family or circle of friends what the address to this blog is. :)
10) I like me.

Ok, now I don't really know who to pass this on to because you are all kind of in the same circle & have had it already. Umm, let's see. Those of you who I "Follow" are being followed by me because I saw a lot of honesty in your site & that is why I hit the "Follow" button on your page. So...if you see my little brown haired picture in your "followers" box, then please consider yourself worthy of the HONEST SCRAP AWARD!
(Was that a terrible cop-out so I wouldn't have to choose? too bad. See, I'm getting really good at being honest aren't I?))


  1. You're welcome for the award, you deserve it. Great Blog post too! :)

  2. I think that you are a very honest person and that is why I like your blog.

    I love God too! I feel the same way about what you said about not wanting a blog to fall into a specific category. Sometimes people frown upon me being Catholic - you know how some Christians say Catholics aren't Christians, etc. So I too am afraid of some Christians.LOL!

    I too believe that God smiles alot.

    By the way, it wasn't a cop-out about tagging the award. I have done the same thing. Hehehehe

  3. I really liked this and your honesty about things -- especially about the followers thing which is such a weird and strange thing that I struggle with too. My husband has said "You are just going to lose it if someone stops following you." I really need to get over this and let blogging be FOR me and what I enjoy doing and NOT something I am doing to please others.

    And I was interested in your whole struggle with the Christian thing. I am not a practicing anything (was raised Catholic) and feel a bit uptight sometimes around those who are very very strongly Christian and a bit in your face about it. I do have some lovely friends who are very into their religion but ARE NOT in my face about it all the time. We often joke that we are their token "pagan" family. But we share so many common values taht it doesn't really matter whether we are church-going or not.

    I find it interesting that you haven't shared the blog with those close to you. I think I know why too -- because this is just FOR YOU and will allow you to be what you need to be in a private way. I've found my family to be amazingly indifferent to my blogging -- which kind of hurt at first but then I was just grateful that I don't have to worry about my mom's opinions and judgement.

    Cool post! I'm so glad you got this award!

  4. I used to post my awards in my side bar. I used to pass them on to the requisite 5 or 7 or however many were required. Then one day I cleaned them all out. It was getting too stressful. And my blog time was never meant to be stressful, not to me. It was meant to be where I come to unclutter and clear out my head at the end of my busy days. So now when someone bestows a new one on me, I post the logo, where it came from, and just thank them. It's made life a whole lot easier.

  5. Great post! I love your honesty.
    I love God too, and I so totally get your wanting to be more open-minded to the world around and being afraid of "christians". I so totally get it.

    I also live to see new followers as well. It's a self-esteem issue. ;-P


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