Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Says Crosses Have To Be Brown?

Today I want to brag on one of my good friends again! Her name is Joyce & she has a wonderful art business. I told you about her here & here when she made that amazing "JOY" mosaic for my kitchen, remember that? Her business is called Brightside Arts & she mostly creates very individual & personal crosses as wall hangings. The fun & unique aspect of her crosses is her use of color. She is a very colorful & joyful person & she sees the cross that way because it symbolizes freedom for all who choose to believe in what Jesus accomplished there. You can go to her site & see the wonders she creates.

But today I ask you to get a load of this beauty!
Joyce designed this delight herself & hired a construction friend to help her build this 14 foot tall glass mosaic cross that stands in the courtyard of our local Christian High School! Joyce uses scrap & purchased glass, then paints the colors on the back & breaks it into usable pieces. Amazing! She had never done anything larger than the one dimensional wall hangings before being commissioned to do this. She was terrified, excited, anxious & determined to see this to the end, which was this last week end! Here are some more shots of the creating & installation.

I think you'll agree that she has every reason to be as tickled as she is in this photo of installation day last week. I'm so dang proud of you Joycie!


  1. That is so cool. Well done to Joyce! Now I need to go check out your post about what she made for your kitchen.

  2. Amazing! I need to check out the kitchen post too. I must have missed it!

    I'm curious what school this is at?

  3. Lesley - It's at Vacaville Christian Schools,or VCS in Vacaville.

  4. Brenda, thank you for the post. It is as inspiring as the sculpture Joyce created. And congratulations to her for overcoming the difficulties involved in completing the beautiful piece!

  5. I came across your blog today as I was bloghopping. I just wanted to say that that cross is absolutely beautiful!


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