Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get To Go Back to The Philippines Again!

I get to return to the Philippines in April with our students! I am so excited & ready to see those wonderful faces again.
We will be feeding the kids in the slums & providing new clothes hopefully.
Aren't those joyful faces amazing?
We also have meetings for the adults & pray for them as you can see in the next photo. If you've never seen one before, that 2nd pic is a prayer tunnel.(Enlarge it to see some REAL joy on faces!) They walk through the tunnel as we pray for them! So fun, so beautiful!
Woo=hoo, can't wait!


  1. That is so exciting! I've never seen a prayer tunnel before---

  2. the new blog header on here! And what exciting news about the Philippines! We have very active churches of our faith over there and our pastor just got back from visiting many of them. My Dear Hubby and I used to be very active in our merchant seamen ministry and opened our home to seamen from all over the world. Those from the Philippines were some of our favorites...lovely people!

  3. How awesome and amazing! What a great experience! I'll be looking forward to reading about the trip and seeing photos!

  4. Amazing pics! I especially like the one of the kids--such happy faces amid such horrid poverty. Love the blog header too. Wish I were going there w/you. :)

  5. First, I LOVE the new header and the color of the blog. It looks great my friend!!

    Second, I want to thank you SO very much for all your comments, prayers & concern while I was in the hospital. I truly appreciate it so very much. I'm having some complications right now with the recovery. I'm actually waiting for a call back from the doctor. Other than that, I'm great.

    Third, I think that is AWESOME that you are going back to the Philippines. The prayer tunnel is awesome. Filipinos are such beautiful people and have such a heart and longing for our Lord. I know so many from my church. I think it is a blessing to be able to go to the country and help them. I cannot wait to read your blog when you come back and see your pictures. It is a beautiful think what you are doing Brenda. God bless you on your journey. April seems so far away, but it really isn't that far away.

  6. I love that prayer tunnel thing, Brenda much. I might borrow that at our next women's group...

  7. How amazing! That is truly a great thing that you get to be a part of. I've never seen a prayer tunnel before - it looks really fun and inspirational! I hope you have a great time over there with your students. :)


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