Friday, January 9, 2009

I Do Have Friends

Ok, I need a new blogging rule for myself. Do not read other blogs until posting on your own! I came home today, plopped myself down to write & here I am an hour later & I have written nothing!
With that said, I will now post a few pics of my gang of friends so you can see that I do have a life outside of blogging. Hubs & I go out to eat every single Sunday afternoon with this amazing group of people. We just kinda gravitated to each other over the years & now we call ourselves "The Tribe" & we are intentionally dedicated to helping one another have fun, be the best person we can & umm, have fun! We have spent many evenings sharing our life goals & decided to stir each other up to reach those goals. We have given each other permission to say, "I love you & you appear to be living below your goals & true desires, what can I do to help?"

Anyway, that all sounds kinda heavy & creepy but it's not at all, remember FUN is the main goal!

One of the couples dream of running a gourmet company that handles catered dinners in homes. When they asked if they could please experiment on us, we, being truly servant minded & ready to suffer for our dedication, offered our services to be experimented on. The pics below are a few of the dinners we have "suffered" through.
Barb hates getting her photo taken but at least I caught her cute hair! Ha! Don't tell her!


  1. Well done, offering yourselves up as a living sacrifice for some wonderous meals. :)

  2. That sounds like SO much fun! What a great idea! It's so critical to have great support...and it sounds like you do! And good food to boot!

  3. Looks like tons of fun. I wish I had your patience to host a slew of friends. But in between the 'running naked two year old who wants to be an Indian' and the 11 who constantly asks "are you okay?" I WON'T be hosting any dinner parties anytime soon.

  4. Clarify to Bibi - I DO NOT HOST! I hate to cook & do not do it much! These dinners are in someone elses home.


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