Monday, January 19, 2009

Silly Signs

My brother loves to take pictures of funny signs & I thought I'd share my favorites with you today.........


  1. He would love two of them here in the Portland area: "Here We Go Again" bridal consignment shop, and "Really Stupid Furniture Prices", the name of a furniture store for real! My favorite that I spotted and even blogged about recently was "We've moved to 51th and Powell!" Fifty-ONETH????

  2. Ha! Those are good signs, thanks for sharing them with us!

    P.S. - I’m tagging you to join in the Desk Tag fun! Check it out on my Blog.

  3. You know in my county there is a "port-o-potty" business that their tagline says #1 in a #2 business. LOL!

  4. Jodi's comment made me think of the motto I told my Dear Hubby his company should go by. It's linked to the burial business and I told him they should say "We're the last people to let you down!" I guess that wouldn't go over so good with grieving families, tho, but it sure would catch people's eye, wouldn't it?!

  5. Ha! Miss Kris that is so funny! Jodi too, I'm sure you can get away with a lot more silliness in the port-a-potty biz than the burial biz!


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