Saturday, January 17, 2009


I’m not putting up a title for this until I finish, because I know what I want to say, but I’m not real sure how it’s going to come out in the end. That, my friends is what I love about writing!

There is one area of blogging that has caused me some confusion lately. The whole idea of writing to a specific “audience” is a tricky deal for me. I know that some purists I have read are saying that they do not care even one little bit about who reads them or even if anyone reads them at all. They just write for the pleasure of writing. They have removed their “Followers” thingy to prove that they are not affected by anyone’s’ opinion of them at all. I am admitting here & now that I DO CARE! I love writing for writings’ sake but it holds little allure beyond filling up my journals if no one will read it.

That being said, I have struggled with the “Who” of who I am writing TO! As I have said in previous posts, I am eager to explore a much broader collection of people & personalities & beliefs through this webby world. I, myself am a strong believer in God & have been extremely intentional in trying to speak & write in a dialect other than Christianese. Having grown up in the church world, we find ourselves saying some pretty strange things to each other & totally understanding it! To get out of the habit of Christianese is not an easy one!

So, I could decide that my target audience is Christian, since I definitely have a heart to bring Christians back to Christ. Ha! …………… Oops! Christianese Alert!....”have a heart to…”? But if I did that, I would lose any readers who are sick of being preached at or who have other faith views. And that would just be sad to me.

On the other hand, if I delete every subject or event in my life that is connected to my faith, it leaves very little for me to talk or write about. At first I thought I could do it all. And, I think I have so far kept the churchy stuff out of my posts pretty well. Or at least I have interspersed the spiritual stuff with every day life kind of subjects. I really hate the idea of alienating any of you with language that sounds like I know it all or believe that I am superior just because of my faith in God. I do know Him well enough to know that He also would cringe at any allusion to that idea.

With all that blabbering in mind I have a wonderful discovery to share with you! (Great idea! I will change the font to this in the rest of this post to show you that I realize I may be using Christianese, OK?) Hope this doesn’t end up being too long, then I won’t even want to post it at all!

Anyway, I have been on a journey of realizing my true identity in a deep & profound way for the last few years. As I have said before, I grew up being a very fearful person, to an almost crippling degree. But the biggest fear has always been other people & what they may think about me. Another word for it would be intimidation. Oh, it is a horrible, horrible thing to live with! When you enter a room & are faced with a person or a situation that scares you to death & causes you to freeze up inside, it makes you feel like an idiot no matter how mature & wise you may be.

Recently I have been drawn to learning what God sees when He looks at me & I have found that His view is extremely different than mine! When I spend time alone with Him, actively listening to Him, I hear Him tell me what a strong, wise & courageous woman I am. (To hear Him is easier than you may think, He kinda sounds like your imagination.) Well, His description sounds like the opposite of how I often feel, so I must choose which to believe.

I have chosen to believe His view instead of mine. God has shown me my true IDENTITY & that comes in very handy when my old enemy of INTIMIDATION comes around to haunt me. Since the thoughts I have about myself when hit with intimidation are obviously the opposite of what God told me, they must be lies. I remind myself of who I really am when I hear those lies in my head. I am then able to shut them down & live my life with real freedom! It’s amazing!

Here is the fun part! My time with God is actually any time that I give Him my full attention. We talk all day off & on, but the moments when I really still my heart & have some alone prayer time with God are very intimate & important to me. It is during those INTIMATE times that He gives me my true identity…. Or my true ID. Look at this!...........



What is the difference between these 2 words? If you remove the letters ID from intimidate you are left with the word intimate! My intimate times with God show me my true ID & when I KNOW WHO I AM I cannot be intimidated! I love that! My love of words revealed this little insight to me. In fact….when I know who I am in God….I intimidate the Liar who loves to speak ugliness to us & cause us to hide from God. (Yes, I just mentioned the devil & yes, I do believe he is real & that he hates God so much he spends all his time trying to get us to hate God also.)

Ok, so I shared my true heart with you without reserve. Take me or leave me…, no, please don’t leave me! Remember I really, really care about my “following” numbers, & I care about you who are my new cyber-friends! So, I love God & hear voices in my head…..I have never seen or heard any of you in the flesh & I still believe in YOU!


  1. Thank you for being so honest. The one thing I have found from all the blogs I follow is that many are really honest about how they feel about topics and I like that. Gives you an in sight in to how others live.
    Now if you whole blog was a preaching session then maybe I would blog off sometimes, but what is part of you is what makes you blog as interesting as it is.
    Don't chnage please just for your readers, I like reading about everyones different situations.

  2. :) After loving Jesus for 39 years I'm amazed at the lingo that has gone around and all the new emerging words of authentic experiences with God. LOL

    So much of what we experience with God is difficult to put into words for those who haven't met Him yet. That makes the blogging world difficult when our readers don't "see" us in real time to notice, beyond words, that "there is something about them that intrigues me".

    Pretty much my goal is to be "me", the uniquely created one...I've never even thought of who my target audience is...interesting. My blog is a place of accountability for me, plus I SO WANT others to know that I'm a work in progress BUT i have known His mighty power to do some amazing things in my life...that He is real and not a cosmic kill joy.

  3. I write because I love to as well. I don't know what my "focus area" is that I "target" to though. I guess mine is more of just things that I like, so that covers everyone who shares the same things? I am also guilty of caring about who reads it because after all, if nobody does that hurts. :P Keep on writing, I'll always follow your Blog!

  4. Hi Brenda Susan! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. I just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up.

    I also want to tell you that on days that I link people, it takes alot of time so I don't always read the post that I leave the comment on letting people know that they are linked. But, today, I stopped and read yours. And I know it wasn't an accident. I, too, am a believer and struggle with some of the same things you mentioned. I think your post was specifically meant for me to read today. It is fabulous, en pointe, honest and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the encouragement and reminders!

  5. What a beautiful and heartfelt post! I think what you said is so true and the way you put it puts alot of things into perspective.

    We may not always see what He sees but we have to have enough trust in Him to take Him for His Word.

  6. I think everyone should write to please themselves. Thats what I do, maybe I have a story, some frustration, some observation or even a good old fashioned rant. Also quotes that move me and words I find interesting.

    I hope I do not offend anyone, that is not my intention and blogging is cheaper than a psychiartist.

  7. You can't please everyone. People are interested in you or they're not. Big deal. If you're faking it, you'll disappoint yourself as well as everyone else. Just do what you want and be what you want...

  8. Wow, what wonderful & encouraging responses! Feels great to be accepted so beautifully!
    Thanks gang!

  9. I think you are a great blogger and would be upset with you for compromising too much either way just to please people. What I mean is, you are a perfect blend of genuineness without preachiness. So DO NOT change that. I could say more, but I might offend other people, and that is not my goal here.

    I personally do not like long, tedious over-wrought Christian posts; I don't know how to say it other than that. And if you are not a follower of Christ and come upon one of those laborious posts, there's no way you're sticking around unless God puts blinders on you and makes you read it or something. I think that's what private journaling is for, but that's just an opinion.

    Anyway, quit stressing. You're reaching the people whom you are supposed to be reaching. If you give your writing/blog to God and follow his voice, you'll not go wrong.

    And now off topic to something funny: Did you know that you said in your comment to me about the dog vs. the pot roast: "A quick mind shit is required"? HILARIOUS!

  10. 2nd Cup_ !! I am truly LOLing right now! That IS hilarious!! :0

  11. If my comment goes through ... I gave you an award on my blog. Go get your button!

  12. I'm trying to get my comments to work. This is a test! I wish I had your e-mail.


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