Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A few days ago I was curious about how long I've been doing this blog, so I looked up my first post and it was exactly one year ago, at the end of January!! It doesn't seem that long at all, I was really surprised!

I remember trying to get on the Blogher roll list & after applying I received a gentle note saying that I was not posting often enough to merit that honor. I felt pretty silly because I had been kind of proud of my once-a-month posting & thought I was being pretty industrious to do that much. I wondered how in the world anyone could sit down at their computer & write any more often than that!

Then came the November Nablopomo & I posted every single day for the month! I was hooked after that! Something changed in me & my writing by doing that challenge. It made me begin to look around every day for ideas & pictures & fun stories. (I think I may be using the "&" too much huh?) I loved it!

Something else changed as time went on. Just now, I went back to read my first 2 posts & they sound pretty different than I do now. I bet that would be true of most of us. I did not know how to "speak" to such a in http://www....audience/. (Ha!, using those 3 letters together automatically makes it an internet address! Yikes, wonder where it would send you!) Anyway, when I was picturing the entire world reading my blog, it was more than a bit daunting! So instead of writing something fresh, those first 2 posts are actually old articles I had written years earlier for our local small town paper on the church page. It may be my imagination, but they "sound" different than I am writing to you now.

So Happy 1 Year Birthday to me! I now have a bunch of new friends that I never would have known without the world of blogging. It really is a warm & encouraging place here with all of you. Recently I told my friends & students that I have another blogsite other than FaceBook, but I told them that the address will remain my secret for now. Hee hee! It's still fun to have a place of my own, ya know? So wonder where I can find some cake to celebrate myself?! :)

On another subject:
Yesterday our Leadership Team all went out to the school where my friend Joyce created that beautiful cross I told you about! We had not been out to see it in person as a group yet. So here is a pic of the backsides of our team since I have not asked permission to publicize them! Ha!

Added after published: I just noticed that this birthday post is my 100th post! Cool!


  1. Happy Blog Birthday to you! Mine is next month...5 years!! Yikes! It's kinda like a job now! LOL!


  2. happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. It is quite a proud moment when you realise how long you have been blogging. My post numbers creep up each year. last year I set myself a challenge to post 366 posts in the year, in the middle I thought I was struggling, but in fact I completed it a couple of days before Christmas, I ended up posting 378 for 2008. You soon change your way of thinking to 'can I blog about this' and you find you are already composing the post as the event has happened. It is addictive...!

  3. Happy Blogging Birthday! It is such a fun world. I still can't believe that beautiful.

  4. Brenda,

    Happy blog birthday! Your audience is grateful :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Brenda. I hope that I can become as great a blogger as you are. :} Seriously.

  6. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary and your 100th post! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Enjoy the warm California weather!!!

  7. Hi! Just back from my vacation and catching up with your blog! Of course I have to comment on this post -- happy 1 year blogiversary! It made me laugh for you to "revisit" your blogging beginning. One post a month! Haha! Doesn't that just sound outrageous! I know what you mean about "finding your voice" as your blog grows and develops. It is a strange thing to write so often and "publicly" and I think that is one of the things I like so much about blogging -- seeing people find their voices, discovering my own voice. I know I'm still finding my voice, but I feel it is getting easier every day. And I love that you are "coming out of the closet" with your Christianese. : )

    And the signs were funny too. My fave was Large Print Audio Books.

    Hope your trip to see your sister was wonderful! : )


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