Thursday, January 1, 2009

Summer of George!

Remember the Seinfeld episode about Georges' plan to do nothing all summer? He designed a lazyboy chair that included a fridge, TV, etc. so he wouldn't have to move one step all summer. But he ended up in the hospital for some reason and his legs became paralyzed due to not being used. I probably have that plot all mixed up, I do that all the time, but you get the drift don't you?

That's how I feel today, after two days of doing nothing. No cleaning, no shopping, no driving, no ironing, no chatting with students or co-workers. Ugh, I feel all slouchy & sluggy sitting here in my chair browsing through the internet for hours at a time. I did do 2 twenty minute sessions of exercise when I got up this morning, so I know my legs are not going to atrophy anytime soon. But I am ready to get out & about or clean my house. Well the "out & about" sounds more tempting at this point!

It is now the brand new year of 2009! Yipee! I am making only one new year resolution. I resolve to not make any resolutions. Well, I broke it already didn't I? See, what's the point? Okay, this post is proving that lack of activity can truly cause the brain to become numb & empty & very unproductive. I promise to come back with some words that may actually be worth your effort of clicking over to my humble page. You may now go on about your search for some good reading elsewhere.............


  1. Laughter is good for us so coming to your site today was well worth it.

  2. I always have a year of George; that's my husband's real name!

  3. It was totally worth it to click over made me smile! And also, if you are feeling unproductive, you can come over here and clean my house ANY TIME. Really. I would not even THINK of stopping you.

  4. Ha! Thanks gang! Um, sorry Gwendolyn but I'll think I'll pass on that cleaning your house idea ok? Nice of you to offer though!

  5. You're hilarious! You've made my day as well. :-)


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