Sunday, February 1, 2009


I dream about blogging ideas.
My legs sometimes get all numb from sitting on them to blog.
I have to run to the bathroom cause I waited so long.
My house is extremely dusty.
My living room chair that I blog in has a permanent indentation in it.
I can laugh at TV shows without ever looking up at the TV screen.
I'm staying up past my bedtime a lot.
I am checking out fewer library books.
I don't mind that hubby is hogging the TV most nights.
I sometimes know about weather problems in other states before my hubs sees it on the news.
I am taking more pictures than I used to.
I have taken pictures of my shoes!
My hubs is getting worried about my invisible friends.
I have "Followers"!
I am a "Follower"!
I have pointed to the cupboard & suggested "Top Ramen" at dinner time.
My laptop is my friend.
I miss people that I have never seen!
I have a bit of carpal tunnel.
Blogging is my reward after folding the laundry, emptying dishwasher, etc.
Did I mention that I blog in my dreams?
I make myself post a blog BEFORE reading blogs!
I have a fear of laptop breakdown!
I am writing more.
I write notes on blogging ideas at random moments all day.
I have sat in this same spot for hours at a time.
I do not feel guilty about that.
Strangers know more than 25 random things about me.
I try to walk casually to my computer when I get home each day.
I wonder about you when I haven't read you in a few days.
I LOL very often while reading you.
I have forbidden myself to check my blog while at work.
I start writing in my head almost before an event is even over!
I don't know what "Meme" means even though I have done it.
My hubby recognizes the "faraway" look I get sometimes.


  1. OMG, you have just described me!
    What did I do in life before blogging??

  2. Boysmum2 - I know! I guess you really can find time to do what you really want to do!

  3. Oh yes! You know me too well! And the other night my husband asked me if he should be "concerned". I think we passed that point months ago!

  4. The signs sound all too familiar...yet you summarize them much better than I could!! :) Yes, I think you are addicted.

  5. Great, great post!

    You describe the "symptons" perfectly!

    How can you cope with blogging before you check out other blogs? I could never manage that!

  6. I love it! You are so addicted that you are blogging about being addicted to blogging! My problem is that I like reading other blogs so much that my own is being neglected.

  7. How funny!! It is scary because I can check off alot of things on your list that I do too.

    Do you think they have a 12 step program? LOL!

  8. I LOVE THIS POST! So many were me...
    pointing to the cupboard cracked me up. Not knowing the Meme.... :) Knowing the weather all over the country... so bizarre how connected we get to others in the blogging world.
    I love peeking into worlds really different than mine...good challenge in lots of ways.
    Hope you have a grand week Brenda!

  9. That is a great post! I really relate to it too, and I think most of the Blog-o-sphere can too. :)

  10. I guess we are ALL each others SUPPORT GROUP! But we also are each others ENABLERS! Ha!


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