Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Tiny Hitchhiker!

I'm going to warn you right now that this post is extremely photo heavy! I got a little carried away while on our drive to Oregon & Idaho this last weekend, so you may leave at any point in this long epistle. But I also will say that when I posted this same clever little collection on Facebook the night we got home, I recieved over 40 comments by the next morning! My student's reviews ranged from "that's adorable" to "that's horrible!". Ah, got you curious yet? :)

I did find a fun way to relieve the boredom of such a long drive though; just pick up a cute little Cinnamon Bear hitchhiker & it makes the time pass as you think up funny ways to document your trip together! So, here we go..........

Entering Oregon!

I love snow but only when there is glass between it & me!

After spending a day in Oregon with my sis we headed to Idaho for the wedding of 2 of our former students. By a fun coincidence, this bride you see here is the same cutie with me in the header pic of this blog!

She loves vintage & used vintage table cloths in the very casual & comfortable wedding reception!

Even cinnamon bears need a nap during a long drive!

Are we there yet?

I am a true California girl & the cold was astounding to me! That middle number on the dashboard says 17 degrees but it actually got as low as 12 degrees!!

He wanted to make a snow angel even though I warned him what would happen! Yep, he got all slimy! yuck!

Such a pillow hog!

This is one of my beautiful nieces. She is convinced she was meant to be Japanese!

These are all terribly out of order, I am giving up on trying to fix it at this point.

Needed to get through a car wash after all that slush & salt!

the end!


  1. VERY FUNNY! 17 degrees would have been a heat wave for us the last few days. We've had below zero wind chills with single digit temps. The snow shots are BEAUTIFUL....I love snow.

  2. Ha! Yah, I knew my complaining would get some reactions from you snowbirds!

  3. Too funny!! Looks like a great time was had, by all! Love the bite mark at the end!! I so understand your adversion to that cold and snow! This Cali girl was freezing in Tn a few weeks ago. But, here where I live in the Tehachapis it's been pretty dern cold too! Still it's better than where you were or Tn! Yikes that's cold! Thanks for sharing your photos and trip! Lisa

  4. Awesome shots...the bear even lost his head over it. LOL!

  5. The well-traveled bear. Nice story, except he lost his head in the end. Not exactly a good bedtime story!

  6. That must've been some long drive! ;) Your daughter looked absolutely gorgeous at the wedding... I loved the vintage table cloths, too. What a fun weekend.

  7. Amy - Not my daughter, she's my former student. Alas, I have no daughters until my sons choose to give me a D-I-L!

  8. Hi Brenda, thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog! And for becoming my follower, I promise not to make you drink the Kool-aid ;o)

  9. That is such a cute/funny post! I love all the pics you took with the gummy bear hehe.

    Oh, P.S. - Tag you're it!

  10. This was so cute! What a great idea to tell a trip story in a funny and amusing way! Must have made the trip much more fun! Though I felt bad that the little guy lost his head after his adventure!!!


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