Thursday, May 20, 2010

Five and Five Challenge

My blog friend Diva, over at Bipolar Diva has CHALLENGED me to post FIVE favorite photos, tell why I like them and FIVE things I like about myself. First part is easy, second part not so easy, but will give it a go.

The first picture up there on top is a favorite of Hubs & me. I took it myself as we sat in the back row of our ministry school class listening....get a Guest Teacher talk about the awesome wonderfulness of sex! Yep, you heard/read correctly! It was a really fun & funny class that totally lifted off the old churchy talk of intimacy being a nasty, evil thing that should be done only to create kids. It's fun because God decided to make it an amazing & delightful thing! So Hubs got a little frisky on the back row. Ha!

The next pic is my favorite shot from the class that is about to graduate this next weekend. She is a forty something who spent the first 38 years of her life very messed up with drugs and alcohol until she got to know Jesus while in a re-hab facility. I have never met a more lost-in-love person! She is a hoot!

Well obviously, this is me getting my wonderful butterfly tattoo! I was so excited to be finally doing it that I could hardly sit still in my seat....which is pretty important to do!

Okay, Oh my heart still flutters when I look at this one. It is Writer Son with Miss M leaning on him while they sail. Back story for this seemingly mundane pic is that my son & Miss M were BEST FRIENDS for FIVE YEARS, until this last September on this boat ride when he asked her what she thought about making it their first date.
Get this....I saw the shot on Facebook a few days before he told us that the relationship had changed & it caused me to gasp in pleasure. Even though they weren't doing anything different than normal, it just felt different as soon as I saw it! Hee hee, now she is going to become my first daughter-in-law five months from now!!!

In this green shot I am in the Philippines enjoying my first coconut drink straight from the coconut tree!! It brings back crazy, adventurous memories! I had just tilted it up & made a mess all over myself as it ran down my chin.

5 Things About Me that Are Not Awful...:)
1 - I am kind.
2 - I have a nice smile.
3 - I am a "Mom" to dozens of young people, & even a few that are older than me! Ha!
4 - (wow, why is this so hard? ) (Been sitting here for 10 minutes just thinking!, C'mon I'm not a horrible person!) I overcame my fear of motorcycles a the age of 53!! Diva had this same one!
5 - I have raised two pretty wonderful young men!

whew! oh yes, now I am supposed to pass this on to FIVE Blog friends...


  1. I took the challenge! It's set to post about noon tomorrow because it seemed sad to post twice in one day after not posting very consistently for so long! (By tomorrow I mean after I will actually be today technically...)

  2. Oh my gosh I love this so much!! It's so cool and different. Thanks for passing it on to me, Brenda Susan!!

    I am definitely up for this challenge next week!

    You and Hubs are just adorable. :) And I wish I was where you were in the last pic!

  3. I love it! The pics are amazing, I especially like the one of your son and your soon to be DIL! Yea!

  4. I really enjoyed this post! Congratulations on your almost daughter-in-law! And I love the pic of you getting your tattoo. :)


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