Monday, May 17, 2010

Will Power vs Won't Power

By the way people, my wonderful and oh-so-cocky declaration a while ago is NOT happening at all! I boldly made the declaration that I would always "Move First, Then Blog" in preparation for being the Mother of the Groom for the first time in a FEW (VERY FEW!) months.

For some reason, my WILL power is strongly showing itself more prominently in the ability to stay seated as long a possible each evening. I think I may be about to break some records! Does this sound familiar?.....

"Really, really need to pee. I'll just check one more blog first."

"Oh man, my legs are so stiff, it's hard to stand up!"

"My coffee is cold, maybe I could rig up a way to set the coffee pot up next to my writing chair?"

"The oven timer is buzzing....maybe Hubs will get it?"

"My cell is's just my Mom, I'll call her later."

"Just. One. More. Site."

I even took a "Before" photo of myself so I could show you how much I transformed myself in time for the wedding in October. Well, I HAVE changed.....I am bigger!!! Oh Lord!!


  1. Oh I HATE getting up to pee!It just ruins everything, breaks the momentum and takes too much time. But then I end up with UTI's. Just can't win.

    The wedding will be so exciting! But I bet there will be lots of mixed feelings being the mom......I know :(

  2. OMGosh!! Hilarious!! all sounds familiar! You can do it!! I have a cousin who has rigged a computer desk on his stationary bike so that he can peddle and still blog and do all the other computer things he likes...not a bad idea! (I haven't tried it!!)
    Have fun!

  3. I suspect every blogger online has that same inner conversation going on, ha! ha! ha! Legs stiff, coffee's cold and we have to pee, but just one more blog and then another and another. Because that's what goes on in mine too. Smile.

  4. I'm sure you'll look just fine for the wedding! Just remember this rule of thumb...No matter how fantastic you look that day...someone, sometime that evening will take an unflaterring picture of you. The bright side of that is you will appreciate the other pictures of yourself so much more. LOL!

  5. Thanx All, you are very encouraging and kind!

  6. Oh yes, I can totally relate. I hate to get up to pee too. And I am a sucker for "just one more site". It's no wonder I don't get to bed before midnight or later.

  7. I can completely commiserate. I am bigger rather than smaller. I have no will power. And I keep blogging and reading when I should be moving. But it's the only ME time I get! And I love it. :)


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