Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've Been Marked!

Yes, I did the deed at last! I just looked back over my old posts & I have been talking about this idea for a looong time! I was hoping to go with Rocker Son & make it a special Mom & Son day, but by the time I finally managed to get in contact with the vacationing tattoo artist it was on a day that my son was working. So Hubs & I did it together. He did not get tattooed but he took some fun pics of me during the process!

Can you picture this? Mom & Pop Fifty+ walk into a tiny tattoo parlor & greet the Receptionist, a 22 year old skinny guy with ear lobes that TOUCH HIS SHOULDERS!! I wanted to reach over & tuck them up where they belong. Then we sit in the waiting area with 2 young guys who are so covered in ink that I am afraid to guess where they are getting more art today. :0

My artist was just finishing up the entire back of a young lady, 4 hours of work & more to be done at another time. The customer left with one had holding a halter top over her "girls" & a completely bare back. Well, not "bare" totally cause it was covered in ink. Very pretty picture back there though!

I then filled out a sheet that verified that I was "in my right mind & not drunk or drugged. I was doing this of my own free will." And that I would not bring any lawsuits against the business or artist for any damages done. :0 She made a copy of my Drivers license to verify that I was "of age"! Ha! I was not scared or hesitant at all but my stomach was kind of nervous & twisty-ish until we actually got started.

Pain? Um Yep! But not unbearable....obviously. Lots of teeny tiny needles punching you for an hour...that's all. The artist who looked about 12 years old was very sweet & asked about my reasons for the butterfly & why now. When we first met her, Hubs whispered to me "You gonna let a pre-teen make permanent markings on your body?" Very helpful honey!

I was actually so excited that it was a struggle to sit still for her. Which is pretty important I believe! I tend to giggle & jiggle when I am happy or excited, so it was an effort to be unmoving for that long! She was wonderful; very carefully copying the exact shape & colors of the picture I had brought in. And I could not be more pleased with the finished result! I really love my butterfly! There is so much more I could say about the reason behind the butterfly & what it means to me. But I will save that for another day. Thanks for all your encouragement as I have contemplated this crazy idea. This next weekend I am seeing my Mom & Dad....and even at 50+ years of age....I am going to have some 'splainin' to do! :)


  1. funny, glad you got pictures.

  2. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy that you finally did it. I have four at 37yrs old. My sister who is 53 has 6 tattoos all got within the last YEAR!!! So don't feel bad about being 50+. You go girl!!

    Better watch...they are addicting!!!

  3. it looks great! I'm proud of you, you took it like a man :)

  4. Now THAT is beautiful!
    I've found them to be so addicting. I think I'm done. Well, at least for now! hee hee....


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