Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is a REward just an Award Given Out Twice?

Isn't that a pretty award? Yes, the adorable Shawna over at My Girls has given me the SUNSHINE AWARD! She is the mommy to three little girls and I love her Subtitle "My Girls, making me crazy and keeping me sane." isn't that great?

Thank you Shawna and I hope you are able to get the comment thingy working now.

I would like to pass this fun award on to a new friend of mine who has bigger kids like I do, Bipolar Diva. Go check her out while you are off looking in on My Girls OK?

A Confession..........I really like my last post. It was about Rocker Son and I thought it was pretty funny. But it did not get a ton of I am giving you all another chance to make me feel good about myself okay? Go read it, thanks!
(wow BS, why don't you just beg them to read you?)


  1. LOVED it. As I said in your other post, that reminds me so much of guys I knew years ago. Don't doesn't last forever. :)

    And congrats on your award! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today! :)


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