Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weighing In.....

I have heard that looking at pictures of yourself at your ideal weight
can inspire you to get here again.

I don't know....just kinda depresses me actually!

Of course I was only a teenager in that photo.
And I had absolutely no idea!

But I found another picture online that helps a bit......


  1. Haha! Love the cartoon!! I pulled out old photos of myself a few months DID inspire me!! My husband put them away though!! What's up with that?? LOL!! What a gorgeous picture of you!! Your hair has only gotten shorter from what I can tell!

  2. AAw thanks Dustine...but you may need to see an optometrist soon! But thank you!

  3. I bet when you had that terrific figure as a found something else to be self-conscious about, didn't you. I think we all do. I bet in another 20 years you'll look back on a picture taken of you now and say, "Wow!!! I looked pretty good. I wonder why I never knew?" LOL1

  4. That is so funny!

    I love that picture of you! Oh your hair is to die for!

    I just recently lost almost thirty pounds! Even with that I look at old pics and think "geeze, what the heck happened?"

  5. Thanks for the laughs today. Can't believe I've been doing this wrong all these years either!

  6. Hilarious! Your smile is just as sparkling as it was in the top photo!

  7. What a relief to see I've been doing it wrong! ;)
    Winged Writer

  8. the cartoon! You were lovely as a teenager, but you are lovely today, too, Miss Brenda Susan!

  9. Thank you All...a lady never gets tired of lovely compliments!
    (Wow, that sentence sounds like a 90 year old lady doesn't it? Ha!)

  10. Where's the joke...that's how I'm going to be doing it if I ever do it weigh in again, thanks for the tip. I'm like Oprah who said on a recent show, "I'll never diet again..."

  11. Isn't self-esteem funny? I think you are absolutely gorgeous (and thin), and you don't know that you are.


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