Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chocolate Is The Way to This Mother's heart!

When my sons were little I really loved all the funny crafted Mother's Day gifts. Especially the school and church creations! I have cheerfully worn a truly ridiculous looking huge T-shirt that was finger painted all over with hand prints and hearts. I have bravely pinned an atrociously ugly cameo pin made of plastic to my pretty Sunday morning dress.

I smiled and gave thank you hugs for a teeny tiny plastic painted bird of some sort that one son bought in a drug store (What was Hubs thinking?). I had no idea what to do with it so I think it ended up with a Christmas ornament hook glued to it so we could use it at Christmas time? As they grew a bit older, my gifts became desperately creative. Of course the always popular "coupon book" of things they will do around the house that they are supposed to be doing anyway. One year I received a grocery sack full of my favorite candy bars. friends....let me give you hope! There will come a day, when the kids are finally old enough to do it right (on their own!). The yummy looking photos you see up there on top are the amazing box of chocolate covered strawberries that Writer Son had sent to me!! Aren't they wonderful? Each strawberry is huge and covered thickly with white chocolate and dark chocolate and other goodies! The company is called Shari's Berries. ( Oh my goodness, this mama's heart is a happy one!

Hubs and I got home late last night and entered the house through the garage. Then this morning as we were leaving for Sunday morning church, Hubs happened to go around to the front porch for some reason and there was a box delivered with my name on it! It had been delivered on Saturday and sat out on the porch all night! So very glad we noticed it before leaving for the day today! Writer Son moved to Texas about a month ago, so this was an especially sweet gift from my far away son!

Rocker Son surprised me by calling on Friday and saying that he did not have any money for a gift, so he thought he'd offer to go to church with me on Mom's day as my gift. So sweet! The idea of him being in church is not that big a deal for me, though he has refused to attend for several years (He is 23), but the desire to just be with me & do something he figured I would like, really touched my heart.

I'm feeling the love and it is good!


  1. Brenda Susan,

    Those look sooooooooooo good. What a lucky Mom you are....and to have the other son go to church with you when he doesn't usually go is great!!! Happy Mother's Day.

    I put you in my post this morning sweet friend....blessings

  2. as fun as that hand painted t-shirt sounds, those chocolates look delicious. it's good your son's know you well enough to know the best way to say I love you is alwasy chocolate.

  3. I knew those were Shari's Berries as soon as I saw the pictures...LOOOOOOVE THEM!!! You are so lucky...and blessed...both sons really got it right! My first child is the only one old enough for school right now and I am starting to experience all those cool pictures and cards...her class made a coupon booklet - I used the "make your bed" one on Mothers Day right away (she asked me to)...she and my husband beaded a plastic necklace and bracelet for me this weekend too! It's all good...I love that they are just doing everything possible to honor and love me!! God bless...Dustine

  4. I loved this post. Your son offering to go to church with you is just precious. *sniff*

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet words. =)

    Yummy!!! Your son is a sweet to have gone to church with you.

    I can't wait until my little one starts doing the school mom projects. =)by buying me

    and eventually doing it right

  6. Oh goodness! I'm could so use a box of these! Yummy!


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