Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Not Job with a long "O".

"C'mon God, what's the punchline to your little joke?"

After church on Sunday we go out to the car to find a good restaurant for Mother's Day Lunch.

The car did not start! This never happens to us, it is always very dependable, so dependable that we only have ONE CAR!

Two other vehicles were brought in to jump the response.

It is beginning to rain as we watch the parking lot become empty.

We live out of town from the church....only 10 miles, but it still feels like "out of town".

It is Mother's Day.

We lost our jobs on Easter week, now we lose our car on Mother's Day??? "C'mon God....punchline already?!"

Good news......a family that lives in our town has a van and they parked right near us.....we had a fun ride home.

After we got home we realized that the night before we had driven to a wedding 4 hours away and up a bunch of curvy roads to an isolated resort type place. If the car had died up there late at night it would have been a million times worse than giving up in the light of day on our church parking lot!

" Thank you God!! Yah thank you for protecting us last night and for chuckling when I sassed you a while ago."

Bought a new battery on Monday and faithful car still lives!! I realize that I really have it so good that I am pretty darn spoiled. Lose a job, lose a car....these are small losses compared to many others.

But still.........that wasn't a very funny joke God.


  1. God really loves to get our attention with humor, doesn't He? So glad to know the car is running now!

  2. You're funny.'s nice you could see a little positive in it all. Some days I think we've learned enough about going with the flow.

  3. Glad you could see the blessing in it all! Ouch!! Barbie's got it right...and aren't we glad that God DOES have a sense of humor...and will ALWAYS protect us and help us! Glad faithful car is still faithful after a little tlc.


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