Friday, May 14, 2010

Twelve Year Old Adults

This post is dedicated to and inspired by Diva over at Bipolar Diva. Diva was recently departing from her usual upbeat style postings to rant a bit, OK a lot, about dealing with her twenty-something kid and how hard it is to parent an "adult". As I commented her I did that annoying thing where the commenter tells you about their own bad experience rather than really helping you in any way!

Anyway, those of you with adorable little boys and girls that do and say the darndest things; you may want to avert your eyes and go to the next intriguing blog because what I am about to share will be a real bubble burster! You have been warned!

I have two wonderful sons. I love them more than words can say, really. My youngest is Rocker Son and he is 23 years old. (Physically). I remember a conversation many years ago as I was driving him to school one morning. He was maybe 5th or 6th grade. As I look back on the question now, I realize that it was a grim pre-curser of things to come. (Young Moms, as I said, you've been warned. If you continue reading you will listen with a bit more fear to your young one's questions from now on!)

We must have had a tough morning with the ongoing battle of getting one's self clean. With all sincerity he asked,
"But why do we have to be clean?"

Me- "Because everyone knows we are supposed to be clean. It's called being civilized. Even animals clean themselves."

Rocker Son - "But who decided that? Why do we all have to do something just because everyone else is doing it? (Isn't that supposed to be my line?) Can't we all be free to decide for ourselves?"

Okay, I dismissed such revolutionary talk and attributed it to being a 12 year old boy. I figured it was a phase that would go away as he grew older and matured into young manhood. I'm still waiting.

He moved out during Christmas week. I was glad to get into his extremely dirty room and reclaim it. Now I would no longer need to lock his door when my mother or company came over. Rocker Son moved into a very old house on the other side of our small town, sharing it with 4 friends his age. I have not been inside and most likely never will. When he moved out I bought him new sheets, towels, kitchen stuff etc, thinking it would be nice for them to start out with good things. Ha!

The stories I am now hearing about their house are literal horror stories! Apparently the landlord was this really cool, easy-going guy who didn't even ask for a deposit or references! Their stove has never worked, there are broken windows and serious plumbing problems. The heat & air conditioning do not work. The bathtub recently backed up with waste water and his direction to the guys was to redirect the sewage out to the backyard!!!

They did!! And thought it was funny! In case you are thinking that the roommates are complaining or ticked off about any of this.....they are not. They think it is hilarious and that it makes it a great place to live. No worries or nagging Moms to make them put garbage IN a garbage can. No one bugging them to mow the's full of 'you know what' anyway!!

Freedom! Freedom to be a slob. To get your stuff ruined by guests or chewed up by the bulldog they got two weeks ago! Why doesn't the heater work?, I asked. The answer? "One day we were playing baseball in the living room and the ball hit the thermostat on the wall." ???????

I think they are all still 12 years old!!

Yesterday on Facebook I read that a neighbor has reported them and the house may be condemned. I feel so proud.


  1. I just gave you an award on my blog! Go grab the button!

  2. Thank you for mentioning me! haha....reading your blog I couldn't help but wonder if one of your son's roomates names might be "Cole".......heehee....
    I just got back from the hospital and it took everything within me not to rech down and slap him. But I put on my good mom face and told him how much I loved him. Sons! What a ride!

  3. My daughter just got home from college Brenda Susan. It has taken her less than three days to trash the house....grrrrrrrrrr.....I agree.....12 instead of 21 is how she behaves....!

  4. Shawna...thank you for the sweet award!

    Diva..... Are you messing with me? He DOES have a roomie named Cole!!!

    VKT.....Ha! 12 instead of 21 is a perfect way to describe it! Ha!

  5. That is just TOO funny! Mine is Benjamin Cole but has always gone by Cole. I looked at him in that hospital bed today and just laughed remembering your post.

    *Sigh* I remember being told once that most men don't reach maturity until 35. Ten years to go....

  6. Thirty-five!?!?
    Oh man, I'm not sure I can take that!

  7. Ohmygoodness. This sounds SO MUCH like these guys I knew when I was in college.

    Eventually I think the awesomeness of being constantly dirty will wear off. Especially if they still want girls coming around. :)

  8. Salt - Good to know! I loved finding your blog today & will be back often!

  9. Oh are so not alone...I visited a fraternity with my husband who was doing a walk through before some renovations....they really needed a warning sign for any female entering the building...IT WAS DISGUSTING. It also sounds like the bunch of guys our daughter was stuck with at a recent wedding....she's in college and wondering when boys grow up. They were like having a pornographic road show...the low level of sleeze that came out of their mouths. Just because you think it you don't have to say it out loud, AROUND WOMEN!!!!! Sorry...your rant became my own...sorry to interrupt. At least you tried and did your part. Thank God I don't hear "where did I go wrong" coming out of your least on here....HAH....I did the same thing...your thoughts pulled mine out...we must lay'em down.

  10. Thanks for the laugh. Isn't that how we all want to act . . . sometimes?

  11. Ben - You must not be 35 yet! :)

  12. It sorta reminds me of a house I once lived in during the early 1970's. My first experience moving out of my home. Oh my, you did bring back memories... it was also condemned. :-0

  13. Hi Susan,

    Glad I found your blog. I am a new follower. Please stop by Moms Own Words and read my latest post for a good laugh. I promise.

  14. Hi Kristi-
    I'm glad you found my blog too! Yours is very funny and now I am a true follower!

  15. OH Brenda Susan!! Wow...yikes!! Just breathe and think of it this way...he's living the life he wants to be living and he is very happy. If he was coming to you angry and upset over his situation all the time I think you'd really be feeling sad and helpless.
    God bless him!

  16. That is disgusting. I'm sure you wish they would not tell you the horrible stories about how they are living. Gross. Gross. Gross. Boys are nasty creatures. And then they become husbands. What are we supposed to do with them???


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