Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

This graphic has been around for quite a while now and most of us have seen it and nodded in agreement. So have I, but there are a few thoughts I would add or change about it.

But first let me tell you how I am learning to know myself in a much more clear and truthful way. Over the years as I have spent time talking to God and listening to Him talk to me in a variety of ways, He always seemed to be stuck on one theme again and again. "Child, I love you."

Well, of course you love me, you're God, you love everyone, you kind of have to, right?

But time after time this is the message He sent me, through others as they prayed
for me, it's all over the Bible, and through hearing those love words in my own heart and thoughts when I prayed. I would hear others tell of God giving them huge visions and jobs to do in the world. But not me, to me He continued to just whisper intimate, sweet nothings of love in my ear.

After years of trying to believe that the Holy God of the universe actually loves little old me, I finally began to grasp it, claim it and revel in it! Me! God loves me! My walk became a bit taller, my smile to others became more genuine and the confidence of knowing I was loved by God affected every part of my life and personality. Then He began to tell me what He loved about me! He loves my compassion for others, my wisdom from years of walking with Him, my humor and the way I accept people just as they are. He told me things about myself that I did not see yet, some things that I still do not see yet. His idea of who Brenda Susan is, far outshines my picture of Brenda Susan.

Knowing who I am has made me stronger when the little nagging negative thoughts come and try to pull me down. I am not easily intimidated by negative thoughts about myself. I hope this does not sound arrogant but I simply don't allow those doubts about my worth to linger in my mind. I used to wallow in that negative place for weeks and weeks. That is why my God had to keep sending me those intimate love notes over and over again. I just did not believe it.

I really love words. Look at this......I have found my ID in my intimate times with God. Knowing my ID has protected me from negative ideas that try to intimidate me. My INTIMATE times give me my ID and do not allow doubts or fears to INTIMIDATE me. What is the difference in those two words?

I love that! Cool huh?

OK, about the cute
pic up top. The words I would prefer would be.."What matters most is how God sees you."
Also, which is more real, the little kitty or the image in the mirror? It looks like the reality is a kitten and he just thinks he sees a lion. But the true message is that the kitty REALLY is a lion, not just that the kitty SEES a lion in the mirror. What God see and says you are is MORE REAL than what you see or feel.

Who are we to argue with God? :)


  1. Amen Brenda Susan. This is such a wonderful post! You are right...who are we to argue with Him? Blessings sweet lady

  2. Thank you VKT! I love how positive & encouraging you always are!

  3. Thanks for a beautiful and inspiring post. I have felt God's love lift and change me too. What a wonderful thing it is.

  4. OH this post is cute! I wish I saw a lion when I looked in the mirror (more like a kitty though! haha) Found your blog on The Purse Blogger, and I love it! I'm your newest follower! Looking forward to reading more. ;)

  5. Welcome Heather, thanks for joining us!
    Can I just say in answer to your comment: You are bigger, better & stronger than you think you are. You may only see a kitty but the truth is bigger than what we feel inside. I am looking at your picture & I see a gentle & courageous woman.
    Just sayin'!

  6. I totally can identify with your thoughts and ideals here, Brenda Susan. I think on a daily basis I am at peace knowing that God loves me...but then there are times during worship and in song that I am overcome with the reality and it always (no fail) makes me cry...mostly in joy. I hate that people ask me "what's wrong" when I cry...I just can't help it! Wish more people had that kind of reaction...I'm just emotional is all.

    VKT mentioned you in a post so I clicked over. I'll be following you...I enjoy your writing.
    God Bless You!

  7. May Be Miracles- wow, thanks for coming & I'll have to go see what VKT is saying about me! Ha!

    Don't you dare stop crying with joy at His amazing love for you! Freedom to express yourself is a lovely thing that others wish they had.

  8. This is so wild! When I read your comment on my blog a moment ago and saw your photo I thought, "I know I KNOW her!" and when I came over here and saw the pictures in your sidebar I KNEW I knew you, haha! We were visiting back and forth when you first began to blog. I dunno how we lost track of each other. But I'm so glad we found one another again! I REALLY enjoyed this post, Brenda Susan! and it brought to mind a quote a friend of mine put on her Facebook the other day I thought I'd share with you because it ties in so well with this:

    "God is more concerned with changing me to be a reflection of Christ than with solving all my problems."

    I won't lose touch this time. Enjoy your day, and thanks for leaving a comment so I could 'find' you again! :-D

  9. Yes MissKriss, you are one of my early friends that I came across while looking over my old posts! I also wondered why in the world did I stop reading you. I know it is due to gathering up so many to read that some just slip away, but I'll be back to see you again! Thanx for commenting!


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