Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cousins, Casseroles & Caffeine

On Monday I attended a gathering of my cousins whom I have not seen for many years. I was nervous about a seemingly simple event because I have changed in many ways since we were kids & teens together & I was not sure I could be my new true self. Would I fall back into my old safe, cocoon of silence & passivity?

You, my lovely Blogger Friends were very encouraging in your comments & assurances. And you were right, it was not bad at all.

I relaxed soon after walking into my cousin's home & giving her a hug. It quickly became a noisy marathon of trading photos of our kids, grandkids & spouses. Thankfully I had the fun news of Writer Son's recent engagement to chat about! I am the oldest of everyone in this picture, but one of only three that do not have grandkids yet.

I did lie/lay (?) in bed that night & wish I had told them certain things about my life that I had not mentioned, but we will keep on getting together now even though we live hours away from each other. Next time I will have some of my pictures printed before I go. But it was fun to pull out my Mac & impress everyone with my sweet new toy!!

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