Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boy Oh Boy!

I have been a mom to boys for exactly 27 & 1/2 years. I loved having boys. Having one of our bathrooms be in permanent yuckiness was tough, but overall I think I rolled with the rowdiness & stinky sox pretty well. I got over being repelled at the sight of dirty soap along side equally grimy bath towels. Did they use water AT ALL?

My constant companions in this boys world were superheroes & dinosaurs. I never knew where I would find a strangely dressed action figure in my home. Superman liked to hide in the freezer for some reason. And Batman would show up in the bowl of (ignored) fruit on the dining room table. A huge green plastic tyrannosaurus rex (Thnx spell check!) loved to hang out in the back seat of our van. Yes, I have lived through & survived the van-era of our family life! I marveled at the differences in my two sons...chopping worms apart or looking for the worm mommy & daddy. Burping, belching, farting or making those same noises by using the underarm were special talents that I had to learn to at least smile at, if not outright applaud!

As the only girl in the house it was nice to be special & kind of mysterious to my 3 men. I loved the many cards, valentines & flowers that were grandly presented to me over the years. BUT, I am now getting a taste of life with another woman in the house & I LOVE IT! I did not even know what I was missing! Writer Son's FIANCE is staying with us while she is in Cali. She loves the beautiful guest room we recently redecorated after Rocker Son moved out at Christmas time. A sample scenario the other day:

I am in the kitchen talking to Hubs, we are dressed to attend a wedding.
Miss M (haven't invented a good name for her yet) enters with a cute little dress on and a cowboy boot on one foot & some high heels (a high heel?) on the other foot.
Hubs says, "Yah that's a great look!"
Miss M looks at me & says "Which one?".
We discuss the merits & choose the cute & funky boot look.
Hubs steps back during the somewhat lengthy chat & looks mystified.
Miss M sees his look and dramatically opens her arms & says, "Welcome to the world of women!" Ha!

I realize what I have missed & determine to enjoy every bit of it while she is here, adding some glam to our belching, horror movie, motorcycle land of men.


  1. It sounds like she's getting a pretty good deal, too. I know you'll enjoy your new "daughter" and the new dimension that she will add to your home and family. I always enjoy the days that my daughter and I have together.

  2. There is something special about being the only girl with all those guys. When I'm out with just my husband and son, they kind of take care of me and make me feel special. Your 'boys' look like great guys!

  3. Brenda Susan,

    I love your blog! Your boys are lucky to have such a terrific Mom pretty lady! Have a great week-end!

  4. I grew up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, so we had a good division of sports and princess beds :)

  5. Only another woman would appreciate the importance of such decisions!

    Thanks for popping over to Ireland to say "hi" :)


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