Monday, March 8, 2010

Tony Is Blue....And Some Poo

Along with the rest of us, Tony The Tiger is a little blue today as we said good-bye to Miss M & sent her off to fly away home. She left me an adorable thank you gift in "her" room. The young man ( Writer Son, newly engaged) she left behind is now working on how to get himself moved to her home state within the next month if possible. There are a few job offers in her local so it looks like I may be saying good-bye again pretty soon.

In the meantime Rocker Son (23) just called and asked if he could come take a shower at our house. I said "Sure, but what's the problem with your shower?"
Brace yourself.........
"Our tub is full of poo & the landlord is being a jerk!"

Ugh! Disgusting!!

Another call came from him.........
"Never mind, he said to open the drain into the backyard & it's all OK now."


I am SO glad he lives way over on the OTHER side of town!!


  1. Wow! "There's poo in the bathtub" is definitely on my list of "Things I Never, EVER Want to Hear!"

  2. Well, at least you got to have some girl time for a little while. That was nice.

  3. OH MY WORD...boys..a world I do not understand. Our girls would have been freaking out...well no...they wouldn't have been living in such a matter how many jobs it took. :o) They're WAY TOO DELICATE for bathtubs filled with poo....oh that is just so gross.


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