Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gain A Daughter, Lose A Son?

Check SpellingThat is the saying when your son gets married right? How about this one I have heard,

"A daughter's a daughter all your life.
A son's a son till he gains a wife."

I'm not terribly thrilled with either of those quotes.
Writer Son is leaving our hometown and moving himself (and most of his belongings) to the great state of Texas in about 11 days. His fiance, the adorable Miss M was born and raised there. The wedding of the century will be there on the fun date of October 10, 2010 or 10/10/10 !! Love it!
My heart is all over the place. Writer Son is my first born and this is totally new territory for me. Hubs and I think that starting their new life far away from us is actually a really good thing for our son. He needs to step into his new role on his own.

But I got so excited about gaining a daughter that I overlooked the reality that my mother-son relationship is about to change forever. What are your experiences in this stage of family life? How did your relationship change with your child when they married? Do you love your daughter or son in law?


  1. My boys are still young, but I hate these sayings...since I have 3 boys and no girls...I think it depends on what kind of mother-in-law you are. I comfort myself by thinking of how I am closer to my mil than to my own mom.

  2. Brenda Susan,

    I only have one child. She is a junior in college. She lives in an apartment but her college is here in our town. Sometimes, I think it would have been better for her to have gone away to school to gain some independence. I am afraid I was a bit of a helicopter Mom at times...sigh

  3. You're going ahead of me in this...praying for you! Thankful you know the One who does not change!


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