Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Move First...Then Blog!

Today I spent some quality time with my exercise bike & my favorite yoga work out videos. And yes, I did not allow myself to come see you in blogland until I had worked out after getting home from work! Yay me!

Yesterday I confessed to you that I was going to BRIBE myself to get my butt moving & get back in shape by holding up blog time as my sweet REWARD after exercising each day. My bike is inside now & I managed to hold up a book between the handle bars to help the time go by faster.

So again I say YAY ME!


  1. You go girl!!!!! We have a new dog who is like the Energizer Bunny...I could be approaching death soon. GLORY but she likes to MOVE!!!!!

  2. I enjoy running and balancing it out with yoga. Both so refreshing...You go girl!


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