Saturday, March 20, 2010


My 75 year old mom just spent 3 days with us and seemed to enjoy and appreciate the guest room we set up with her in mind. There is still a huge, really huge desire & urge to please her and prove my worth. Is that normal after all these years? I do not know because I only live in my own head. Hubs notices my sometimes out-of-proportion scurrying to get & be what mom wants and mercifully he will come up and warmly calm me with a quiet hug. It helps me stop, drop and breath!

Mom and I had an interesting time trying to get her pictures developed in one hour as she is used to doing at one of her local stores where she lives. I assumed Wmart would do it, they do everything right?

We approached the brightly lit camera counter and got the attention of a cute girl about 19 years old. My mom asked if they do photos in an hour. The girl looked confused. Mom then held up her ROLLS OF FILM! Ha! The poor thing really looked lost now and her eyes darted around for someone who could help with this crazy request! The look on her face was priceless! She finally managed to say that they did not do that anymore and we walked away.

As we headed out of the store Mom told me that the girl at the last store had been much more rude by stating loudly, "This is the digital age m'am!" We stopped at one more place and gave up. I sometimes miss having my pics on actual paper, but totally love the digital age too!


  1. Brenda Susan,

    Was your Mom somewhat critical when you were growing up? I am so glad you have such a wonderful,supportive husband sweet lady!

  2. I miss photo albums too. I keep thinking I'm going to print off photos and put them in books but I never get around to it. Photos are so important too. When there was a death in my family, it was the first thing I did was to run to the trunk and look for every photo that had that loved one's picture in it.

  3. Joni- I agree! And often wonder if we will regret having all our current pics on our laptops or even cd's when they become obsolete.

  4. Sometimes technology takes away all the fun.


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