Thursday, January 6, 2011

And This Little Chair Is Juuust Right!

Today I get home from work and immediately see signs that someone has been in our home while we were gone all day.

  • The TV cabinet is wide open.
  • There is an open newspaper on our kitchen table.
  • There are crumbs on the kitchen counter.
  • My tablet has been fiddled with.
  • The bathroom toilet seat is up.

Have we been burgled? Has some random stranger broken in and enjoyed a snack while watching TV and reading the news?


Our empty nest, described so gaily a while ago has had a visitor. 

Writer Son, so cheerfully anticipated and welcomed has spent part of his morning doing their newlywed laundry at the nice comfy home he grew up in rather than the gross apartment laundromat. 


How do I feel about this? It did make Hubs and me smile and chuckle at each other knowingly when we realized who the intruder had been. Hubs called Writer Son, saying " Someone's been sitting in my chair. Someone's been eating my food!" Hubs tried to sound all gruff and angry but ended up laughing and telling Son that he is welcome to do laundry here anytime. 

And yes, he is welcome.....but....I'm not crazy about the messes he left. I know, they are small and I could sound petty, but if you go back and read my list of the perks of being an empty nester you will see that I really like coming home to a house as clean as I left it. Would he leave those crumbs in someone else's kitchen? (Maybe, because it does seem that men have an eyesight disfunction on these kinds of things.)

Hmmm, still pondering this weird season. Parenting an adult is a road that is full of twists and turns, delights and frustrations. My kids and their loves are adults. Hubs and I are still parents to them. Interesting new place we find ourselves.

We are watching the newlyweds gets stressed about finding the right furniture and fridge. The need for perfection is difficult to watch. They look at us like we are speaking Hebrew when we laughingly tell them about our apple crate side tables and curtained doors. Sassy Bride actually said, "I can't figure out why everyone smiles as they tell about how poor they were when they first got married!" haha! Oh dear!

This is gonna be interesting.

Writer Son in either Fiji or the Philippines a few years ago. Funny guy!


  1. So funny to describe the empty nest intruder! I have had those before also.

  2. Enjoyed your blog. I am your newest follower!

  3. Have fun!! Yeah I'm inclined to tell my boy (who have yet to marry) how hard we had it when we married...and how we made do with what we had. :-) Susan

  4. I'm knocking on the door of 40 but because I waited my oldest is only 10. Sometimes I think, you know if I'd started sooner I would be nearly done by now. LOL

    It's actually comforting to know that they never really leave....

  5. You scared with the first couple of sentences! I was so worried you had had an intruder. I'm so glad it was just your son. :)

    And at least they moved out! My little brother only recently moved out of my parents' house for the first time after he and his wife lived there for a year or so rent-free...and both felt free to make and leave as many messes as they liked all over the house. So it could always be worse!

    Did you gently ask him to clean up after himself before he leaves? Surely he'll respect a few boundaries once you set them! Seems fair to me.

    Miss you!

  6. Shawna, what a gorgeous new pic of you! Almost thought it was someone else! I would NOT be accepting of kids moving back in for a long stretch of time!
    And yes I did mention the crumbs and messiness to him and his new wife was horrified, so he had two women scolding him! Poor guy. Ha!


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