Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tap-Tap-Tapping Away.....

Today I was a writer. I did not create a nice big juicy blog post for you, but I did spend several morning hours tapping away on my Mac. 

I routinely scan several different writing job sites and Craig's List looking for opportunities that fit me. I subscribe to a great site called Writing For Dollars  that sends out the names and descriptions of current magazines and e'zines that are looking for articles and writers.  I often read the items out loud to Hubs because it is funny to see the crazy variety of specialty magazines out there! Mennonite Brethren, boating, hunting, quilting, Indiana history, turtle raising and elderly dogs are just a few of the topical magazines being published and read by millions.

Last night as I sat in front of the TV ignoring the sounds coming out of it, I came across a likely web job that I could do! So this morning I happily spent a few hours cleaning up two previously written articles of mine and attached them to my email application to this new web site that wants consistent writers to make up their staff. I also included my resume of jobs and writing experience from the last twenty-five years. Who knows what will come of it. 

I also wrote and sent off an article for the one online job I already have that is guaranteed to paypal me some small $ for anything I send them. 

It feels really good to accomplish a few small things like this. I call these days my Writing Wednesdays because I intentionally stay home from my normal day job just to write. I know that not every one can do this , but it's not like we are making enough for me to do this. We are in bad shape in the income department. But I am determined to try and I/we are willing to continue to cut corners every where we can to pursue my dream. I am very thankful that Hubs is not complaining about this venture. Our job is a shared ministry job and he feels it when I am not there with him one day a week. 

A sweet blog friend of mine asked me to describe my writing area and habits. Shawna (I Am That) has inspired me so much and she is also pursuing her talent for painting even though she is a young mom of little ones! 

I have a laptop, so I have written blogs in nearly every room except the bathroom! In the summer I love writing outside but the sunshine reflecting off the computer screen can be annoying for any length of time.
But for the past year or so I have written from a comfy couch in the living room overlooking a large window to the front yard. 

Recently in order to make my serious writing times more intentional, I have moved to our guest room where it is quiet, the chair is comfy and I can spread out my writing stuff. My "writing stuff" is the main reason I moved out of the living room.  I like to have a pile of my old journals, pens and tablet and bible near by for reference while I write. All those things were starting to make the living room look like a messy college student's nest. I got tired of cleaning it up every night. So now in the guest room it can all stay spread out around me from one day to the next. 

Shawna also asked how I felt while I wrote. I believe that it is probably very similar to how she feels when she paints. Even if she gets interrupted and has to stop to wipe a runny nose or break up a kid fight, there is still a wonderful energy and excitement when you find yourself really "doing it!" 

The sense of creativity is delicious and addicting. I love searching for the right word or constructing a paragraph that makes sense and conveys a mood and atmosphere. I always feel better after writing. Even if the thoughts I shared were negative and complaining, there is a certain therapy to writing that feels very healthy. 

My piles of journals are evidence that writing is part of my identity, like it or not. Paid or unpaid, I am a writer. Last night Hubs laughed at the sound of my constant tap-tap-tapping away on my laptop and I just looked up at him and said, "It's what I do."

There, you got a blog post out of me after all!


  1. I write for teachers and finding places to write is a challenge in my busy home. I must admit that I crave a space of my own to create and be and do. But there's not really even a light at the end of that tunnel.

    :-) Susan

  2. Hi Susan, thanx for commenting! I visited your blog and love it!

    In response to your comment I will say that I spent very many years with a "private time basket" that i carried into whatever quiet spot I could find in my house of sons.
    It had my journal, pens, other current book or Bible all in one handy basket so I did not have to leave anything out for snoopy and messy hands to scatter about.

    Even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel it does not mean it is not there. Seasons of a mom's life do change in time. Hope you can find a getaway of some kind to help in the mean time!

  3. I am glad you found me, because I have now found you! I would love to pursue my writing one day. Right now I am focused on my two girls and running them everywhere. My blog serves as an outlet just to keep my words on "their toes" until I can give it the time it deserves. Thanks for sharing. I will enjoy your blog from now on!!

  4. Jami - my response to Susan would be the same for you. Your time will come! Smart to keep the words "on their toes" by blogging for now!

  5. Hi Brenda! I have to echo Jami and say I am glad you found my blog, as I am very happy to have found yours! This post really spoke to me and I could relate so much to your words. I am looking forward to following your blog!

  6. Welcome Julie! I really love this way of connecting with people all over the place!

  7. Thank you so much for writing this! I would love to have my own "writing/painting/ME" space, and I will one day. But in the meantime, it was so nice to picture yours. :)

    When I read this paragraph, my heart literally (and I mean "literally" literally, not figuratively) started beating fast because you got me so excited:

    "The sense of creativity is delicious and addicting. I love searching for the right word or constructing a paragraph that makes sense and conveys a mood and atmosphere."

    I especially love the word "delicious" used here.

    And P.S. I double-dog-DARE you to write a post in your bathroom this week. :) You don't have to be on the potty or anything. And I wouldn't try it in the bathtub either. But how about sitting on the floor with a nice scented candle burning? My favorite scent is apple pie. What's yours? And I KNOW you have a lovely new bathroom to do it in!

  8. P.S.S. I have had about 20 minutes of quiet time with the Lord for the past three nights in a row! It has been simply...delicious. ;)

    I heard somewhere recently to read Psalms as a diary; each day, David might be in a different mood or being going through something different, just like we do. So I'm reading Psalms again, but looking at it through different eyes...feeling more of a connection to the writer. I put my rocking chair at the foot of my bed, and after all the kids are in bed (fearfully, at around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning as our schedule is so messed up right now) I sit down with my Bible and a notebook! I've had the BEST time.

  9. Shawna- The psalms have always been my fav for just that reason. I can easily see it as David's journal. Some passages start out so down and sad and then they turn up at the end. I heard someone call them the "But God," passages. The psalm writer is listing all that is going wrong, then they remember and say, "But God is faithful and good and it'll all be ok."

    Love you, looking good little lady!


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