Monday, January 10, 2011

And You Thought Halloween Was Over?!

Did this sweet photo catch your eye in the Blog Reader?
Apparently costume or theme parties
are popular all year round now.

This is Rocker Son & Girlfriend.
I saw this on Facebook and I left RS a cute comment under it......

"Dexter party or spaghetti party?"

He answered......

"Zombie party mom."
I could see the eye-roll between the lines.


  1. Hahahah. I wouldn't want to be a cop pulling people dressed like that over in January. I guess I wouldn't want to be the drivers either!!! Very cute.

  2. Poor Brenda! You're just not with it. Condolences.

    And yeah, I can see RS rolling his eyes between lines.

    Life is "interesting," isn't it.

    And then there was the shooting in Tuscon, which was more "horrid" than "interesting."

    Lord, have mercy.

  3. That is horrifying.

    So is Dexter, but it's hard not to watch. Why did they kill Rita?!

  4. Oh yeah, I was going to tell you how much I like the new font.

  5. Shawna, I love all your fun comments on a bunch of my posts at once! Gotta read when you can huh? I cannot answer your "Rita" question because I only tried to watch Dexter once a while ago and had to switch the channel after 10 minutes! Too icky for me, but my sons age all love it.


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